Love Island’s Demi Jones slams troll who laughed at her thyroid cancer diagnosis

Demi Jones has called out a social media troll who made fun of her devastating thyroid cancer diagnosis.

The former Love Island star, 22, made an example of the online troll – who previously laughed at her cancer battle and posted a comment which read: "hahaha you got cancer".

This comes soon after the reality TV star bravely announced the cancer diagnosis to her fans on an Instagram Story earlier this month – revealing that she has thyroid cancer and that she's had a tumour removed.

Calling out the troll on Instagram and exposing them in front of her 1.2 million followers, the influencer penned: "I never respond to trolls but unfortunately this kind of thing is unacceptable.

"Please don't be that person, thank you for all the other kindness."

In her initial announcement about her diagnosis, Demi had opened up to her fans saying that she was a "strong girl" who will "bounce back stronger" and has told fans that although it's "hard to process" she's doing "okay".

Demi, who was made it to the series 6 final of Love Island in 2020, has been keeping her fans updated after having surgery to remove the lump in her thyroid last month (April).

However, Demi has unfortunately had to deal with a series of other online trolls who have sent her "nasty" messages and even accused her of "lying" about her diagnosis.

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Appearing on Good Morning Britain during Tuesday's episode (25 May), Demi said: "I've been really lucky I haven't experienced lots of trolling since coming out of the villa, but there are still people like that.

"Even with my cancer, I've had nasty comments. Saying things like 'she's lying' and I woke up and saw on my Instagram and thought "that's ridiculous.

"Unfortunately there are people out there like that. I don't respond to anything, I never respond to trolling on social media, it's not worth my time… But it makes me sad."

Demi added: "I'm not lying about this at all. It's a really serious thing, I don't want to be going through this."

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Susannah said that she knows Love Island stars can be "targeted" by users posting hateful comments.

She also told GMB hosts Susanna Reid and Bill Turnbull about her appointment being pushed back by seven months during lockdown.

Speaking to the ITV presenters, Demi explained: "It's been a bit of a hard thing to process, it's all very new to me and it's happening very quickly but I'm okay, that's the main thing."

"Every single month it kept getting cancelled, and I was so close to going private and paying because I was so scared.

"My stepdad's got cancer so I knew I had to push for appointments.. I was eventually seen in April.

"When I was seen I had my ultrasound and blood tests and both came back absolutely fine and they went to send me on my way.

"But I knew because of him that I had to ask for more, anymore scanning or testing you can do. And they offered to drain the fluids and it was that which came back as potentially cancerous."

The brunette also confirmed to her presenters that she had to be really persistent with her appointments, saying: "I think for my age most people would just accept that fact and be like "ok and go off" which I did at the original scan in 2019."

She added: "And if I hadn't asked for extra testing I wouldn't have found out its cancerous ethers they would have literally just sent me on my way."

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