Love Island’s Lucinda reveals secret link to Chuggs before they went on the show

LOVE Island’s Lucinda Strafford has revealed a secret link to dumped islander Chuggs Wallis.

The 21-year-old shocked viewers after she admitted that she had flirted with the bucket hat entrepreneur on a dating app before entering the villa.

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The fashion boutique owner spilled the beans when getting acquainted with the rest of the lads around the fire pit.

Fellow islander Millie Court asked: "Wait…so Chuggs has gone home?"

Lucinda was quick to tell the group that she knew Chuggs prior to entering the ITV2 dating show.

The blonde bombshell explained: "You know what I actually matched Chuggs on a dating app and I remember talking to him.

"You know what…I remember talking to him about bucket hats and then this guy comes in and he's like 'how my name is Chuggs, I own a bucket hat company'.

"I've literally had this conversation with you."

Millie then joked: "Did you buy one [a bucket hat]."

Lucinda bluntly replied: "No!"

Chuggs – real name Oliver – was dumped from the island when he lost his place after Rachel decided to couple up with hunky labourer Brad instead.

The Surrey lad was a late arrival alongside Liam, but struggled to find a connection with anyone in just 24 hours.

Discussing the fellow Islanders, he said:  “Faye’s one of my favourite people in there. Not in a romance way. 

“I thought it would be all cool to go in there and step on toes and ruffle feathers and stuff… I would have done if I thought people weren’t matched right. Liberty would be the one I’d most go for out of everyone in there, I chatted to her, but she likes Jake. 

“And Jake is such a nice guy. I think out of everyone in there, those two will go the distance.”

Meanwhile, fans have praised Lucinda for seeing through Brad "love bombing" as she gets regrets kissing him.

Viewers took to social media to praise the blonde bombshell after she admitted she had got the ick after snogging the northern labourer.

Things hotted up between Lucinda and Brad on Friday night as they flirted back and forth before sharing a kiss in the garden in front of everyone.

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However, just 24 hours later Lucinda already seemed to be put off by the Northumberland hunk as she revealed he'd been "selling her a dream".

Viewers were furious to see Brad, 26, wooing the new girl after already making his way through Faye Winter, Chloe Burrows and Rachel Finni.

Sitting down for an honest chat with Brad's former partner Faye, she admitted she had been "greedy" in kissing him so quickly after meeting.

While agreeing that Brad is attractive, the lettings manager warned Lucinda that he could be very self-centred and bad at conversation.

They took to Twitter to celebrate her "getting the ick" as they praised the girls for at last calling out his "toxic" comments.

"I'm so glad Lucinda can see the love bombing that Brad has been doing," one viewer kickstarted the debate. "She has got that ick!"

Another chimed in: "Brad is lovebombing, over and over and over, and the girls are finally catching him out!"

"Brad has extremely toxic energy like… what's with the lovebombing?" a third chimed in of Brad's behaviour.

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