MAFS’ Kwame reveals real reason he took Kasia to a park bench instead of his house

Married at First Sight 's Kwame Badu has revealed the real reason he took his wife Kasia London to a park bench instead of taking her to his house.

During the homestay part of the experiment, Kwame, 42, left both her and fans of the show shocked as he refused to show her inside his home, telling her that he is "private" and "secretive", and said he didn't "feel comfortable" with it.

In the last couple of episodes, people have seen Kwame visit 36 year old Kasia's home, and he sat down for dinner with her sisters and friends who gave him a grilling about his reasoning for rejecting Kasia.

He said: "She came to my area and met my boys," as one of Kasia's clique interjected: "But not your house? to which he said: "Not my crib, no."

When asked why not, Kwame said: "I'm kind of private about that. It's something that I didn't really want to show.

"I get it from a women's perspective but from a man, I'm like, I don't need to see where you live to know if you're someone I want to be with."

Another of Kasia's friend's said that he "knew what was coming, going into the experiment" and that the homestay was "part of the process".

Kwame then said: "That's just me. I'm private," before the friend said that she found him "a little more reserved than I would have expected".

The homestay part of the experiment didn't go too well for the pair, as Kasia got annoyed on last night's episode when Kwame didn't take her seriously.

As they sat in her flat, she tried to tell him about her life, including the fact that she got pregnant with her first child aged 15.

Kwame laughed and made a joke, as he did throughout her telling him her life story, prompting an irate Kasia to reply: "I'm telling you my story here, it's not a joke."

After watching the episode, one Twitter user took to the social media platform to brand Kwame "jealous", as they wrote: "Kwame felt jealous and it showed! I don't know if jealous is the right word but he felt some kind of way tonight."

Kasia took her own swipe at Kwame as she replied to the comment, saying that Kwame was "jealous from day one".

She wrote: "Nothing wrong with being broke, but don't fake it.

"Girl, if only u knew what I seen behind the scenes. So frustrating. So much the cameras don't see."

She ended on a positive, writing: "I lead with love, so he gets away lightly."

Married At First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm.


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