Male model unrecognisable after £200k beach babe transformation left them broke

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A former male model went bankrupt after spending a fortune on surgeries to transform into a desirable beach babe.

Lexi Lucks splashed out $200,000 (around £140,000) on nine ops – and says men are now "obsessed" with her new look.

The burlesque dancer was assigned male at birth but realised she was a trans woman from as young as six.

She began transitioning in 2015 and is now thrilled with her new appearance – despite drowning in debt.

Lexi, 35, told the Daily Star: “I never told anyone this but I took out a bunch of loans and got myself into a hundred thousand dollar debt and then I filed for bankruptcy in March.

“It’s crazy because after that I just got approved for bigger loans which is basically how I afforded the surgeries, all by filing for bankruptcy. But there are no regrets. My credit is now somehow amazing and I bought a Mini Cooper yesterday.”

Lexi added: “I have been waiting for this moment my entire life just waiting for everything to match and coordinate and I think it’s working.

“Now my lovers appreciate me almost in a smothering sense, where it is almost like a curse.

“I am now ten times happier just because I feel more powerful and I would describe myself as a full figured, statuesque, girl next door mermaid.”

Lexi now lives in LA and has picked up a reputation as a dancer.

She has almost 30,000 Instagram followers but her life now is drastically different to her upbringing.

Lexi grew up in a conservative Catholic family and was often ashamed by her sexual urges.

She said: “I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 20 and I was raised quite religious.

“I would have a sexual episode and then I would read the bible for like four hours. I’m not joking.

“I felt massively guilty. But when I did transition I was insensitive to others and I didn't really care because it made me happy."

Lexi went on to be a male hair model and described how she broke a lot of hearts during her 20s.

She said: “I do feel kind of bad because a lot of girls would fall in love with me and I just never found girls attractive and I would put them in the friend zone.

“I was good looking as a girl then and I had some hot ass photoshoots before I touched a thing on my body.”

The surgeries Lexi went bankrupt for include two boob jobs, a rhinoplasty, fillers, botox, a chin job and a chin and jaw shave.

And she said she is now living her best life – despite always finding herself attractive.

She explained: “That’s the difference between myself and a regular trans person – I don’t really have that dysphoria.

“I never looked at myself and hated myself. Of course I wanted to enhance myself, be prettier and lose some of the masculinity that I had and I'm so glad I did.

“Guys definitely stare and gawk on me on the street but I love the attention.”

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