Man brutally trolled over ‘vomit-like’ snap of scrambled eggs on toast

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A Facebook user was brutally trolled after he shared a snap of his homemade scrambled eggs on toast which he made for his breakfast.

The social media user, known as Simon M, shared the seemingly controversial snap in food -based Facebook group Rate My Plate.

And he may wish he didn't ask for people's opinions after the comments on the photo of his brekkie.

Captioning the picture, which was of his eggs and toast on a grey play, he simply wrote: "Scrambled Eggs on Toast by Simon M."

Group users couldn't wait to have their say on the dish, with it racking up hundreds of comments in just a few hours.

Most of the Facebook fans seemed to compare Luke's eggs to sick as they left him some brutal feedback on his food.

One exclaimed: "My dog brought up something similar looking to this earlier today…"

As another added: "Looks like fish and chips vomit you see in the street after a good night out."

A third chimed in: "These eggs look like they were scrambled, chewed up and then spat back on top of two hash browns."

And a fourth wrote: "Salmonella on hash browns."

Another also branded the dish "wretched" as another told him: "It actually looks like a yellow cat on my grandad's slippers."

Despite all the negative feedback, Simon seemed to have one fan of his cooking as a social media user told him his scrambled eggs on toast was "absolute perfection".

The Rate My Plate group currently has more than 2.6million users giving their honest critique of people's often dodgy dinners.

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