Man slammed for getting angry at wife for bleeding after giving birth

Pregnancy and birth are some of the most traumatic experiences of a person’s life – both physically and mentally.

And, it’s easy to forget the dangers posed by labour which can cause severe injury, bleeds and even death.

For those mums who do make it through birth, bleeding is to be expected as the body heals from the trauma.

But, one mum confessed that she’d been made to feel “gross” about her post-birth bleeding since having her and her husband’s child.

Posting on Reddit, in the Am I The A**hole forum, she explained that she’d had an argument with her partner over the disposal of her sanitary items after bleeding.

Her husband decided to sleep in the guest room instead of with her – so she asked the internet for advice, reports the Mirror.

She wrote: "I’m a housewife, my husband works a 9-5, so I take care of the house all day, laundry, dishes, kids, etc.

"I just had a baby so I’m still bleeding and I can’t wear tampons (I can’t wear tampons anyway because I have a tilted cervix) so I wear pads. When I change my pad, I wrap it in toilet paper and usually the wrapper that the other one came in but sometimes just toilet tissue."

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She continued: "My husband always tells me it’s really gross when he goes to the bathroom and can see the bloody tissue that my pad is wrapped in and he doesn’t need to see that.

"We got in a fight about it with him telling me it’s disgusting to see the blood and no one needs to know I’m 'on my period' which I’m not on my period, I’m bleeding from birthing a baby."

The mum noted that she was hurt by this and criticised her husband for having stains in his boxers which she found unpleasant too.

She added: "I told him I would start disposing of my pads the way he wants me to when he learns how to wipe better and I don’t have to scrub s**t stains out of his boxers.

"He told me I was out of line and has slept in the guest room the last couple nights. AITA?"

Thousands of people took to the comments to give their point of view – and many agreed her spouse was out of order.

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One commented: : "It's not even period blood; it's blood from an injury she got birthing their child."

"I can't believe she married someone who is grossed out by pads and 'doesn't need to see that' like excuse me but menstruation is a fact of life for half the population and it's not optional,” added another. “Also she just had his baby how is she supposed not to bleed, just have the whole thing cauterised? What a dumb idiot."

And a third said: "He helped make a baby but is going to be a little sissy lala when he sees blood? Tell him to grow the f**k up."

Many also pointed out that she was hoping with the home, a newborn, their other children and her husband’s laundry and him complaining was out of line.

According to the NHS, it’s perfectly natural to bleed for several weeks after birth, but you shouldn’t use tampons until after your six-week check up.

If you're worried about how much you are bleeding contact your midwife or health visitor.

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