Manchester Arena bombing has left Ariana Grande suffering with PTSD

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The singer shared a heartfelt message to her fans on Instagram before today’s anniversary of the Manchester Arena blast which killed 22 fans. In a touching note, she said: “[I] want to take a moment to acknowledge and send my love to everyone that is feeling the sadness and tremendous heaviness of the anniversary coming up this week.

“Not a day goes by that this doesn’t affect you and all of us still. I will be thinking of you all week and weekend.

“My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you always”.

An Islamist extremist killed himself and 22 others and injured 139 just after Ariana’s performance on May 22, 2017.

Scooter Braun, the star’s manager, says the 26-year-old is emotionally scarred.

He said: “She has PTSD, she’s still suffering to this day.”

He said he feels incredibly proud of how she recovered from the Manchester trauma.

The star returned to the city to headline the One Love benefit concert in June 2017.

Manchester Cathedral will today broadcast two services on its Facebook page, urging people to log on at home rather than visit the city centre.

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