Married At First Sight Australia's Jessika Power says her boobs are real – because they were injected with her own fat

MARRIED At First Sight Australia star Jessika Power has said her boobs are real – because they were pumped up with her own fat.

The 26-year-old star has had nearly two litres taken out of her thighs and used to turn her into a D Cup.

Jessica, one of the villains of the series now airing in the UK, volunteered the information during an Instagram Q&A today.

She insisted: "My boobs are real. I had a fat graft from Dr Anoop Rastogi in Sydney.

"So basically they removed the fat from the side of my thighs, and injected it into my boobs.

"Technically they are real, because there's no silicone, and it's just my fat being moved.

"I had 1.8 litres taken out from the side of my thighs, and the inside of my thighs."

The op took her from being a "small C cup to a full D cup".

Jessika appeared on Married At First Sight Australia in a series filmed in 2018 but only shown in the UK now.

She has quickly emerged as one of the show's schemers, bring branded "vile" by UK viewers after cheating on a sobbing Mick Gould.

However, yesterday she had a message for the Brits who had been messaging her as she snogged her hunky new boyfriend Filip Poznanovic in an Instagram post.

She wrote: "She wrote: "🍯🐝 IDGAF what people have to say about me 😌 so long as he sees the real me thats all that matters."

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