Mars bar sausage roll recipe goes viral as people have no idea what to think

A home cook has gone viral after reinventing a sausage roll recipe using Mars bars.

The amateur baker, who goes by the username @Scribblefix on TikTok, has come up with an unconventional dessert recipe using a £10 sausage roll maker.

The recipe is simple and it only takes two ingredients – two pieces of frozen puff pastry and Mars bars (or any other chocolate like Cadbury's Caramilk).

She cuts the pastry in half and places one at the bottom before adding the chocolates in the centre.

The last step is to cover it up with the remaining puff pastry.

When it's cooked, the pastry turns golden brown with crispy edges.

The food lover breaks the dessert roll in half, showing the melted Mars oozing out like a fondue.

Her video left thousands of viewers drooling and many were inspired to try it out for themselves.

One said: "Honestly who would have thought that you should put chocolate instead of meat – life changed for the diabetes."

Another user wrote: "I have had this machine for over six months, very dangerous but oh so yummy. Tonight I'm making chicken curry puffs."

But one unlucky viewer commented: "I tried this and the chocolate didn't melt and the pastry getting close to burn."

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"Right, where's my mask, I'm off to Kmart now!" a fourth added.

The baker later tried a home-made version of McDonald's iconic apple pie.

She boiled the apple in syrup and cinnamon before adding them into the sausage roll and it turned out looking delicious.

While the Australian-based baker purchased the electrical appliance at budget supermarket chain Kmart, UK foodies can buy a similar version on Amazon for just under £30.

Otherwise, another home cook tried out an easy Mars Bar Rice Krispie Cake recipe which can be made in the slow cooker.

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