Martha Stewart's Daughter Alexis Made Some Shocking Claims About Her Mom Being a Total Fake

It’s not that surprising to find out that celebrities actdifferently on television than they do in real life. Even reality showsoften depict a highly edited version of the real world that’s only slightlysimilar to the truth.

Take Martha Stewart, for example. The so-called domestic goddess and hostess with the most-est is also a convicted felon. She may have been projecting a perfect, sunny exterior, but behind closed doors, the 78-year-old media mogul was committing acts of fraud.

But it turns out insider trading isn’t the worst crime Stewart has been accused of. The beloved homemaker’s daughter Alexis Stewart wrote a tell-all book about her home life and some of the claims she made about childhood show a very different side of Martha.

Alexis Stewart admitted that her childhood was far from picture-perfect

Martha can set a table and whip up a gourmet meal like noone else. But when it came to raising her daughter, Alexis, it wasn’talways smooth sailing.

“If I didn’t do somethingperfectly, I had to do it again,” Alexis wrote. “I grew up with aglue gun pointed at my head.”

Those feelingsof inadequacy persisted throughout her childhood and made Alexis questionwhy so many people were obsessed with Martha. It also made her feel like shecould never measure up.

“Martha does everythingbetter. You can’t win!” she wrote in her book.

Martha Stewart didn’t take atraditional approach to parenting

Stewart is naturally talented at a lot of things, but participating in traditional childhood activities wasn’t one of them, at least according to her daughter. Alexis said, “Martha was not interested in being kid-friendly. She would hand me things right before Christmas and say, ‘Now wrap these but don’t look inside.”

Alexisclaimed Halloween was no better. “Halloween was also a grim affair: Therewere no costumes,” she said. “There was no anything. We turned offall the lights and pretended we weren’t home.”

Martha later refuted the claims, insisting she used to make Alexis costumes on the sewing machine. “Oh ok. I left out the years when my mother made me costumes on the sewing machine,” Alexis admitted.

“Or let me wear all of my grandmother’s fabulous costume jewelry when I was very young and was a gypsy for Halloween. It was kind of fun pretending no one was home. No one else did that or would admit that they did it. And I still do it til’ this day.”

Alexis Stewart made one bizarre claim about never havingfood in the house

You’d think that someone as talented in the kitchen asMartha would be serving gourmet meals every night. But instead, Alexis wrotethat theopposite was true during childhood.

“There was never anything to eatat my house,” she wrote. “Other people had food. I had no food. …There were ingredients but no prepared food of any kind.”

She said Martha had one gross habit

She was also appalled by Marthaleaving the bathroom door open when she did her business. “Mother alwayspeed with the door open,” she wrote. “I remember saying, ‘You know,now I have friends over! You can’t do that anymore! It’s gotta stop! Myfriends’ parents don’t do it! Give me a break here! I don’t feel like beingembarrassed! It’s exhausting! I’m a kid! Stop!”‘

Alexis is the only child of Martha and her ex-husband, Andrew Stewart. She was estranged from her mother for a long time, but did dedicate her memoir Whateverland: Learning to Live Here to Martha.

Rumor has it the two women reconciledwhile Martha was serving time in prison and their relationship is much strongernow than it was years ago.

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