Martin Lewis posts unusual guacamole recipe and some think he’s ‘lost his mind’

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Martin Lewis divided opinion with his unusual guacamole recipe, which apparently misses out "key ingredients".

The Money Saving Expert founder popped avocados into a food processor and blended with fresh lime juice.

But for a quirky twist, he swerved the traditional chunky texture of coriander, red onion and chilli.

Instead, he threw in a soft cheese triangle and blended until completely smooth.

Martin tweeted pictures of the finished results, adding: “There is something particularly satisfying about making fresh #guacamole for lunch. (I normally add a little tomato but I didn’t have any.

“PS and yes that is a cheese triangle, it works!”

While the post garnered more than 300 likes, some were horrified by Martin’s take on the Mexican staple.

One commenter said: “Awww Marty mate, you’re missing some key ingredients.

“RED onion, black pepper, coriander, a little chilli. Did you add lime juice?

“And never blend man! Should be chunky! Not smooth!”

Martin replied: “I’m not a chilli fan – and yes look at pic 2 there is lime juice – I prefer mine smooth – it’s better that way with the cheese.”

Another commenter, a foodie from Mexico, added: “Guacamole is nothing but avocado, lime and salt.

“You can add jalapenos, tomatoes or cilantro (coriander) if you like those.

“That’s it – there is no need for mayo, cheese or anything else.

“You should also mash with a fork (if you can’t, the avos aren’t ready). This is the Mexican way!”

And third wrote: “He’s lost his mind. You do not put Dairylea in guacamole and it should be chunky, not fit for papering walls.

“This man knows money but knows nothing of nachos.”

Despite the backlash, many defended Martin.

One pointed out: “Maybe he could just make it the way he likes because it’s his lunch.”

Another agreed: “The guacamole police on this thread. Let the poor man enjoy his lunch.”

And a third added: “Thanks for posting this Martin, I’ve not had guacamole for a while.

“I shall add avocados to my shopping list this afternoon.”

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Martin has since responded to all the comments – and jokingly branded the situation #Guacgate.

He said: “Further to this some are questioning my cheese use #Guacgate.

“The inspiration was from a Spanish restaurant.

“The #guacamole was made in front of us and mascarpone was added. It was incredible.

“My version, though not as classy with a cheese triangle, still does the biz. Try it.”

So will you be giving Martin’s recipe a go? Let us know in the comments below.

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