Martin Roberts ‘badly bullied’ as Homes Under the Hammer star addresses body image issues

Martin Roberts announces The Real Full Monty participation

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Homes Under the Hammer star Martin Roberts is baring all in ITV’s Strictly The Real Full Monty in a bid to raise awareness for cancer checks. The property expert will be stripping off for charity, despite struggling with “body issues” that have made him self conscious over the years. In an exclusive interview with, Martin opened up about his body image and revealed he’s been “bullied” in the past because of his appearance.

Chatting about why he signed up to Strictly The Real Full Monty, Martin confessed the idea of stripping off for charity was out of his “comfort zone”.

He explained: “I was approached to do this and my initial reaction was ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’

“I have, like a lot of people, have a body issue thing going on. I mean, I was very badly bullied for being fat as a child.

“So, you know, my image has been very badly skewed by that,” Martin explained.

“The idea of being laughed in adult life, when I was laughed at in child life, is something that was fairly outside of my comfort zone,” he added.

The Homes Under the Hammer star went on to reveal he also felt nervous after seeing the other celebrities taking part in the show.

Martin confessed: “One of the things I said was, you know, ‘I’ll do it, but I want to make sure that the other guys who were doing it are not like hunks, not like Chippendales.’

“Then we did this whole TV introduction thing where we were led into a room, you know, I’m in the room, and then they gradually introduced the others.

“I genuinely didn’t know who else was gonna take part. The first guy comes in and he’s Teddy from Love Island!

“So, he’s like this super fit, lovely, fantastic guy. He’s 23 years old, beautiful, gorgeous body.

“He was on Love Island for Christ’s sake! So, I was thinking ‘Oh great’. I think I poked him in his six pack – I’d never met him before,” Martin laughed.

He continued: “Then James Jordan starts trotting in. Of course he’s a professional dancer from Strictly, you know, really nice guy.

“Again, he’s really quite fit and I’m like, ‘This is not going well’.

“And then the next person was Duncan James from Blue, who’s this Adonis of a guy. You know, in the most amazing shape.

“I’m thinking ‘Well, this is really not going well. I really need somebody more normal to come strolling through the door here’.

“Then it’s bl***y Colin Jackson, the Olympic Olympic hurdler, who’s obviously built like a gazelle.

“So, I’m thinking ‘Which bit of this went wrong here?’ I did have a bit of a meltdown I have to say and I was like, ‘Am I gonna be the laughing stock here?’

“Because I’m the only one I would say was a normal bloke who doesn’t have a six pack and has got a bit of a lockdown tummy,” Martin added.

Strictly The Real Full Monty airs on ITV on December 13 and 14 at 9pm.

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