Matthew Gray Gubler Says Goodbye To ‘Criminal Minds’ Ahead of Series Finale

Matthew Gray Gubler is saying goodbye to Criminal Minds in a touching debut.

The 39-year-old actor, who has played Dr. Spencer Reid on the show since the start, headed to Twitter to bid adieu to the series.

“i’ve carried these 3 props with me almost every day for the last 15 years,” he started, along with a picture of the props – a badge, weapon and watch.

Matthew added, “after tonight i’ll just carry them in my heart where i will forever keep memories of the best crew, the best cast, and the best fands (fans/friends) a fictional crimefighter could ever have.”

He told TVLine in another interview that he wasn’t sad about the show ending.

“If the show had only gone for six years, it probably would’ve been emotional, but because it’s been such a beautiful presence in our life for 15 years, it wasn’t sad. It was kind of beautiful,” he shared.

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