Megan Barton Hanson praises sex toy as she shares self-love advice

Megan Barton Hanson has been praised once again for her frankness when it comes to speaking about self love and masturbation.

The reality star has become an advocate in recent months, trying to encourage others to talk about sex and orgasms more freely.

Her recent Instagram TV upload was no exception either as the 27-year-old explained that she no longer wanted sex toys to be a "taboo" subject.

With that said she wasted no time at all in whipping out her "favourite" orgasmic item, sharing how the toy works best for her.

The ITV babe exclaimed: "It was honestly like my best birthday present."

"It's called the Enigma, if you know what that is and you've got one already comment below because I've used it about five times and every time… wow.

"Like yeah, it is an absolute dream. I never knew what a blended orgasm was and since I've had this toy it gives you a blended orgasm."

She went into detail about how the gadget worked before bringing out the item for a show and tell.

The social media influencer asked: "Shall I just show you now? I've got it here for the video anyway and we can talk about it properly after."

Bringing a purple rubber item into view Megan explained: "Look at this, it's so soft and I love it."

For any fans who were curious about the sex toy, the former stripper detailed exactly how the stimulator worked before delving into a Q&A session.

The first question at the top of the list seemed to leave outspoken Megan speechless for a moment as she toyed with answering.

Reading out the question, she asked herself: "Are you single?"

The TV star pondered for quite some time before eventually bringing herself to say: "Yeah, yeah I am single.

"But, I'm talking to someone but it's early days, I just don't want to put any pressure on it, especially since my last relationships, you know."

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