Meghan Markle Talks Being ‘Silenced’ by the Royal Family

Meghan Markle is speaking out after being quiet for so long.

During her interview with Oprah, the 39-year-old Duchess opened up about all of the tabloid stories about her, and how some tabloids would praise Kate Middleton, but would slam her.

Meghan is now explaining how she felt that she was not being protected by “The Firm.”

“I’ve always worked, I’ve always valued independence, I’ve always been outspoken about women’s rights,” Meghan said. “That’s the sad irony of these past four years. I’ve advocated for so long for women to use their voice and then…I was silent.”

Oprah then chimed in, “Were you silent? Or were you silenced?”

“The latter,” Meghan responded.

Oprah then asked to Meghan to further explain what she meant, asking her who told her not to say anything, to which Meghan said it was the people that work for the Royal Family.

“Everyone in my world, was given very clear directive, ever since the world knew Harry and I were dating to always so, ‘No comment,’” Meghan said. “That’s my friends, my mom and dad, and we did. I did anything they told me to do. Of course I did. Also because it was through the lens of ‘We’ll protect you.’”

“So as things started to roll out in the media, that I didn’t see that my friends would call me and say, ‘Meg, this is really bad,’ because I didn’t see it, I would go,’Don’t worry. I’m being protected,’” Meghan shared. “I believed that and I think that was, really hard to reconcile it was only once we were married, and everything started to really worsen that I came to understand that not only was I not being protected, but that they were willing to lie to protect other members of the family, but they weren’t willing to tell the truth and protect me and my husband.”

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