Melissa Bolona's Beauty and the Broth Is a Facial From the Inside Out

Glow from the inside out! After spending many years in front of the camera and dealing with an array of digestive issues, Acts of Violence and Hurricane Heist actress Melissa Boloña was on the hunt for a product that could help improve her gut health — and what she discovered was so much more.

“Growing up, I always had digestive and stomach issues, and as I got older I got into a big wellness rut,” she tells Us Weekly exclusively. Instead of sulking, the model researched various products and ultimately was introduced to bone broth and its benefits while on a trip to New York with her sister.

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“Bone broth made my stomach issues practically non-existent. … I also used to get very hungry throughout the day and more so before lunch, and it helped curb my unhealthy cravings,” she adds.

While bone broth helped, Boloña had trouble finding an option that was tasty and fit with her on-the-go lifestyle, so she took matters into her own hands.

“All the broths were either too bland or too gamey. … I started cooking broth recipes in my own kitchen and six months later, Beauty and the Broth was born,” she says while celebrating the launch of her company that offers USDA approved, organic grass-fed, ranch-raised beef, vegetarian-fed, free-range chicken bone broth concentrates made from scratch and slowly simmered together with organic vegetables and herbs.

Other than her stomach woes improving, Boloña began seeing benefits in her hair, skin, nails and even energy levels upon creating her own recipe. “It is very high in naturally occurring collagen, which helps bring strength and shine to hair and helps give you a more youthful, glowing complexion and some even call it a facial from the inside out,” she says.

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“I used to get Botox on a scheduled basis. When It would wear off, it was like a timer went off. After drinking bone broth at least once a day on a continuous basis, the timer completely disappeared, and I’ve personally seen smoother, plumper skin and thicker, shinier hair.”

Another plus: “It is an amazing post workout recovery drink, and some replace coffee with it since it gives you a lot of natural energy and alertness,” Boloña shares.

To incorporate bone broth into your own wellness routine, the actress recommends bringing a pouch of Beauty and the Broth and the brand’s sip cup wherever you go, emptying out the concentrate and customizing the amount of desired water depending on how strong or weak you want it, heating it up in the microwave and enjoying.

As for her overall routine, Boloña relies on a mix of Pilates, barre, spin and HIIT classes and more, but her motto is “less is more, but consistency is key.”

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“Everything you do for and put into your body should be in moderation, but it should be the very best and consistently done when it comes to the food you eat, working out and taking care of your mind and soul,” she explains. “Really listen to your body, don’t push yourself, and give it what it needs to work the best that it can from the inside out.”

Beauty and the Broth offers weekly, biweekly and monthly direct to door subscription programs. Each box includes 12 pouches of bone broth concentrate along with a 12 oz reusable BPA-free rice husk cup and hot cup sleeve.

Check out the brand’s website, YouTube channel and Instagram for additional information.

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