Meryl Streep Joins the Cast of Broadway Homage Movie ‘Places, Please’

Meryl Streep is taking on an exciting new role!

The Oscar-winning actress is set to star in Places, Please, directed by Tony award winner Michael Cristofer. The film is reportedly a “love letter to Broadway,” per Deadline.

Meryl will play the established Broadway actress Lillian Hall, who has never missed a performance throughout her career. But in the rehearsals leading up to her new show, people and events conspire to take away her ability to do what she loves the most, forcing her to confront her past and the choices she made in her career.

Michael said of the film, “I was sent this original script last November, and it felt like good timing to me, with wonderful potential to create a kind of valentine to the theater. Which is where I came from, when I was 14, 15, 16 years old. I wanted to create a valentine to the people who make theater, especially now, when across the world, theaters are shut down.”

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