Miss Global England who felt ‘ugly’ because of acne shares perfectly clear skin

A pageant queen showed off her skin transformation after her acne was so bad that she couldn’t leave the house.

Ashleigh Wild, 22, from Poulton, Lancs., began using a drug called Roaccutane, which has been linked to depression and suicidal thoughts, six months.

Roaccutane is prescription only and is heavily monitored by doctors following studies that one in five people are affected by the side effects.

The model first opened up about her problem with her skin in September, when she shared a bare-faced selfie with her 37,300 followers on Instagram.

She captioned the photo: “Unless you’ve suffered with acne, you won’t understand how much it can affect you, both mentally and physically."

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She continued: “From not being able to touch my face without it hurting, to not wanting to leave the house in fear I’m ugly, my acne has taken over my life.

“After trying everything on the market and receiving a message off a troll about the state of my skin, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started Roaccutane.

“For years I have put off this medication of how strong and potent it is, but after seeing the results that come after the side effects, it was a no brainer.”

Ashleigh finished her post by asking her followers to “be kind, always”.

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The model has now completed her treatment and just returned from competing at the Miss Global pageant in Mexico.

After years of trying all sorts of remedies, Ashleigh, who suffered from acne at the age of 12, turned to Roaccutane.

However, there is still a chance that the model’s acne could return.

She told Femail: “Throughout my whole treatment I barely wore make-up because it was me embracing me.

“Those suffering with acne, don't let it knock your confidence because everyone suffers with something and whether it's acne or mental health or other things I always say some people have allergies some people have acne it's just part of you.

“If I can give a message to them and let it be passed on that's my goal.”

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