Missouri Family Woken Up By Car Crashing Through Their Roof!

This is absolutely horrifying! And it’s shocking that nobody was killed in this accident — though we’re certainly thankful for that!

A couple in the town of Eureka, Missouri was sound asleep at about 1:30 a.m. local time on Sunday morning when a car crashed through their ROOF and landed just a short distance from the bed where they were sleeping! OMG!

According to Eureka Fire Department Deputy Chief William Stamberger, two teenagers had been in the car and were driving home from a graduation party on a street called Thorntree Lane, which runs parallel behind the house involved in the incident.

At some point, the teenagers apparently lost control of their car. It struck a 10-foot-tall pine tree, uprooting it and sending it flying through the window of a second house. The car then continued to roll out of control, hitting a fence and catapulting itself into the air high above the street. Eventually, it smashed down nose-first through the roof of the neighboring house, landing perpendicular in the master bathroom. According to Eureka Fire Department Division Chief Scott Barthelmass, the car landed “just ten feet away from where the homeowners were sleeping.”


The car’s two occupants — two 18-year-old males — were able to crawl out of the wreckage unscathed (a miracle in itself!) while the husband jumped out of bed across the room and ran downstairs to grab a garden hose in order to douse a small fire that had been started in the wreck.

Thankfully, everybody involved — the couple, their two sons sleeping in the home, the two occupants of the car, and even the neighbors who had a pine tree go through their window — all emerged unscathed and uninjured. Local fire departments rushed to the scene to help douse the small fire and secure the scene.

Talking to local news outlet Fox2 about the incident, Stamberger said:

“They were truly lucky. In fact, it’s an extreme success story that everybody survived this with the potentials there could have been. There was people sleeping six feet away from it in the master bedroom, and a child sleeping upstairs. So there could have been the potential for… disaster, if you will.”

Yeah, no kidding! Interestingly, no arrests were made, and local police report that they found no evidence of alcohol or impaired driving in the two teens who crashed the car.

Barthelmass mused about that and the probable crash cause to reporters, referencing the popular Farmer’s Insurance commercials in the process:

“It was probably just reckless speeding, and maybe not making the best decisions. I’ve been with the fire department for 29 years, and it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Well, Farmers have seen a thing or two. Now they have this one in their notebooks.”

LOLz! Thank goodness everybody is able to joke about it, considering how tragic the end result could have been… Best of luck to the insurance companies now having to figure this one out.

For more on the crazy story, here’s a Sunday report from Fox 2 St. Louis (below):

Whoa. That footage…

And here’s their follow-up, from Monday, where the outlet spoke more to the lucky homeowner about the crazy story:

Absolutely insane!

Those homeowners should go buy a lottery ticket or something at this point! Ha!

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