‘Money Heist’: Úrsula Corberó & Álvaro Morte Discuss Series Finale

Netflix’s Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) is coming to a close in 2021 and series stars Úrsula Corberó and Álvaro Morte, as well as executive producer Jesus Colmenar discussed the popular Spanish series ahead of its two-part season 5 closer.

“I have to be careful how I answer this because we’ve already finished shooting but I’ve seen it and Úrsula and Álvaro have not,” Colmenar said with a laugh when asked to tease the series finale during the show’s CTAM panel on Thursday.

“What I can say is that fans can expect the biggest season of all and the most emotional,” he continued. “It’s finally time for all the cards to be laid out on the table which brings forth some of the biggest action sequences in the final battle. We will wrap up the whole story in this final season; it’s not the finale of the Royal Mint of Spain but the finale of Money Heist.”

Corberó and Morte revealed how the show’s writer’s room works, specifically whether or not they would sneak a peek at scripts to discover how it would end for their characters.

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“No,” Corberó said with a laugh. “That would be difficult but that’s typical for the series. [Creator] Alex Pina and the writers on the show often write up to the last minute. They have an obsession with making sure that everything lines up as we go along. The series is very rock n roll in that we go with the flow.”

Adds Morte, “Oh yes, I can confirm that the scripts are written very close to when we begin shooting. Neither the director nor we as actors know what’s coming up for us beyond two episodes. It’s done this way so they can see how what they’ve written unravels during filming with a close eye on how the dramatic arcs play out. They then make decisions that could change the storylines. Trust me, none of us had any idea where they would take us next!”

Season 5 part one is set to debut on Sept. 3 with the second half dropping Dec. 3. All prior seasons are available to stream now via Netflix.

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