Morning Dough: Joe Scarborough’s Salary And The Ways He Spends His Millions

Joe Scarborough is not only a man who has worked many jobs, he is a man who has made many millions. These days he spends his time dominating the MSNBC morning hours as co-host of Morning Joe, but previously he worked as a talk radio host, lawyer, author, and former politician.

The 58-year-old author and media personality is worth a respectable $25 million. Scarborough has accumulated that wealth over a long public service and broadcasting career.

Although the star has remained private about his life and affairs after he married his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski some details about how he much makes and what he spends it on have come to light.

Starting As A Hard Worker

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Scarborough started as a lawyer and practiced law in Pensacola. He worked on a high-profile case representing Michael F. Griffin, who murdered Dr. David Gunn in 1993. Working on this case led to unintended opportunities. The media attention around the case led to Scarborough’s first television appearances. He would appear on political analysis shows where he offered his opinion on legal matters.

Getting featured on television was a boon to his legal career. He landed more affluent clients and started winning high-paying court battles.

In 1994 the talking head took a detour away from the courtroom and forwent the limelight to pursue his political ambitions. He served in the United States House of Representatives representing Florida’s 1st congressional district.

As a member of congress, Joe raked in $133,600 a year, or about $242,000 today. Joe would go on to win reelection for three more terms, twice unopposed. As a member of Congress, he enjoyed monetary bonuses for working on government projects and serving as a member of the Judicial Committee.

Making Money After Leaving Congress

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Joe returned to law at a prominent Florida Law Firm Headed by Fred Levin. In his tenure with Fred Levin, he practiced securities litigation, a segment of law practice with exceptionally high pay. Meanwhile, he was back to making media appearances on a variety of television shows.

People tuned in to hear his opinion on various national and legal matters, and networks started to take notice.

By April 2003 after he had spent years as a news contributor he embarked upon a television career. MSNBC offered Scarborough his own show, Scarborough Country. He would use the house to muse about his opinions and political analysis.

Joe spent a few years hosting the show before moving to mornings where he remains today, as co-host of Morning Joe. The network seems to like Joe, offering him an $8 annual salary to stick around.

With all the publicity he gets from Morning Joe the host has managed to author a string of successful non-fiction books.

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A Modest Life With A Few Special Splurges

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After accumulating a $25 million net worth it’s no surprise that the television host can afford special luxuries. But apart from a mansion and a few vacations, Joe lives pretty modestly.

Scarborough used his wealth to buy a mansion in New Canaan, Connecticut, an affluent suburb of New York City. The property description claims the home is a “distinctive New Canaan estate on 2.6 beautifully manicured acres just one mile from the village.” The personality purchased the mansion in March 2011 for $4,600,000.

Scarborough likes to take lavish vacations. When he planned on proposing to his girlfriend and co-host, he took her on a trip to France. He shelled out top dollar for a stay at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes, renowned for its refined luxury.

The luxurious sea-front resort tops out at $6,300 and the room includes a private 650 square foot terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

After staying on the French Riviera Scarborough proposed to Brzezinski with an oval-shaped diamond ring set in platinum. The pair then drove to Monaco in a convertible.

One time Joe even used his money to get out of a losing bet.

During the 2012 presidential election, Scarborough didn’t think Barack Obama could take his home state of Florida. MSNBC contributor David Axelrod disagreed, and the men bet that whoever was wrong would grow a mustache. Obama took Florida, and the election, but Scarborough really didn’t want to follow through with the deal, so he offered to donate $10,000 to charity as an out.

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