Mother-of-six and ex-gambling addict go 10 Years Younger in 10 Days

Single mother-of-six, 55, who’s overcome losing two children and ex-gambling addict, 58, who ‘looked 70’ unveil their incredible transformations on 10 Years Younger In 10 Days

  • Sarah, 42, a busy single mother-of-six, lost confidence after years of hardship
  • Lost one baby to cot death, and another who was born premature didn’t make it 
  • Broadband engineer Steve, 55, struggled with a gambling addiction for years
  • He got a hold on his addiction but felt deflated after years of self-neglect 
  • Both amazed viewers with their amazing transformations on 10 Years Younger

A single mother-of-six and a former gambling addict both amazed viewers with incredible transformations on Channel 5’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days. 

First to appear on last night’s show was Sarah, 42, a mother-of-six, who said horrific life experiences had taken a toll on her appearance. 

She explained she is still grieving the death of her son who died suddenly, aged four months, from cot death, and the loss of another premature baby girl who only survived for an hour.   

Meanwhile, Steve, 55, spent years fighting his gambling addiction, hitting rock bottom after spending £18,000 in just one afternoon. 

Now in a happy relationship, having reconnected with his childhood sweetheart Jo, he was ready to take care of his appearance in a bid to look as young as he feels. 

However, both Sarah and Steve looked much older than they actually were, with the a panel of the general public placing Sarah’s age at 50, and Steve at 58. 

Viewers were amazed by how good both of them looked after meeting with 10 Years Younger experts on last night’s show. 

Sarah, 42, a mother-of-six, pictured before, left, said horrific life experiences had taken a toll on her appearances, but was ready to live again after her makeover, right

We first heard from Sarah’s best-friend Debbie, who explained: ‘Sarah, obviously, especially in the last few years, has been through what most people would call a horrific time.’

Sarah said: ‘I look in the mirror and I think “What’s happened?”, I know the years haven’t been kind.’

She revealed she went through a lot of ‘sadness’ in recent years.  

‘I’ve lost my little boy aged four months to cot death and then sadly two years after that, I lost another child who was born premature. She managed to survive for an hour, but sadly didn’t survive after that,’ she said. 

‘The grieving process is a hard process,’ the heartbroken mother continued. ‘It affects how you look. 

‘You’re physically tired, drained. The positive in it is, if there’s a positive in it, that I got the other children still. I have to still be strong for them and carry on for them and doing what I have to do as a mum,’ she said. 

Steve, 55, pictured before, left, fought his gambling addiction for years, and said it ‘consumed him’. After his makeover, he felt much better about himself, and ready to have fun again, pictured right 

‘I won’t be happy until I go back to feeling good about myself and looking good again.’ 

People thought Sarah, who was 42, looked eight years older than her actual age, which was a shock to the mother-of-six, who said she knew she looked old, but ‘not that old.’ 

‘There has just been so much going on and then having the other kids, it all takes its toll eventually,’ she told presenter Cherry Healey. 

‘I need some fun back in my life,’ she added, before admitting she didn’t know ‘what a social life is,’ because she doesn’t have any. 

‘I want to get my confidence back, have my social life again and eventually find the man of my dreams,’ she told Cherry. 

Sarah, pictured before, had lost two babies in the span of two years, and was consumed by grief. She said it had taken a toll on her appearance, as did looking after her six children

‘I haven’t been lucky in love. To get myself on the dating scene again, I’d have to get rid of the black under the eyes, have that nice pout and that would give me the confidence I need to go on a date, and not feel like I’ve catfished them,’ she said. 

‘There a massive confidence loss and I think it comes from separation from my ex-partner. That dropped my confidence massively.’

She went on to explain she struggled to go on dates due to her appearance, and was using filters in all her pictures.  

Following her makeover, Sarah felt her inner positivity was ‘bursting out’ of her, and was ready to date again, pictured 

‘I did join a few dating sites, and I did chat to a few people but then when it actually comes to me meeting them, I’ve made every possible excuse under the boot because every picture that was on there, there’s a filter,’ she said.  

‘I feel like, the age I am, I should be in the prime of my life, but instead, I feel the weight of the world is on my shoulders and it reflects on how I look,’ she said. 

‘I feel frumpy, I feel ugly,’ she added. 

The shows experts all met with Sarah to put a spring back in her step. 

Her first stop was cosmetic expert Dr Tapan Patel, who plumped up her cheeks with filler to get rid of the bags under her eyes. 

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He explained that when she put on weight after her break up, Sarah also gained some puffiness on her face, which made her eyes look more sunken. 

After he was done with her, the mother-of-six was delighted with the result, and said she felt ‘amazing.’

She said her first appointment had already boosted her confidence, and she was looking forward to her next session.  

She then met with celebrity makeup artist Hannah Martin, who taught her how to hide her dark circles with colour correctors and concealers to keep a natural look. 

Hannah also instructed Sarah on how to use highlighters to open up the face with light-catching tricks.  

Cherry Healey, pictured, worked as a cheerleader for Steve and Sarah throughout the episode, as she learned about their hardships 

It was an eye-opener for Sarah, who said she didn’t know there were so many products to tweak her appearance. 

She went on to meet stylist Gemma Shepphard, who helped her reconnect with her feminine side, while being practical enough for a busy mother on the go. 

Gemma understood that, explaining she wanted to ‘elevate’ Sarah’s everyday looks without making it too complicated for her, with basics such as pleather leggings and cardigans, and sexier picks for possible date nights. 

Sarah picked a velvet off-shoulder top which enhanced her decolletage without being too revealing. 

Gemma concluded that Sarah had a strong sense of fashion, but had lost of her way due to the complicated demands of her life. 

‘My fashion consultation was amazing, I felt my confidence had gone back up a bit,’ Sarah said. ‘I actually felt quite sexy.’

John Vial, left, gave some tough love to Steve, and turned him from older to young with a touch of scissors. Gemma Shepphard, centre, took him out of his comfort zone, and helped Sarah reconnected with her femininity. Hannah Martin, right, taught the mother-of-six how to hide her dark circles

After meeting with Gemma, Sarah visited the salon of celebrity hairstylist John Vial, who brought some life back into her blond locks. 

It was finally time for the mother-of-six’s reveal. 

Gemma dressed her in a black jumpsuit tied with a belt at the waist, and John styled her hair in a beachy blow dry after drying it a darker shade of strawberry blonde. 

Her makeup gave her a healthy glow, miles away from her tired looks from before. 

Sarah, who admitted she was ‘a bit overwhelmed,’ went speechless when she saw her reflection, and started crying. 

‘Absolutely amazing,’ she said, before adding she couldn’t wait to go to the next parents evening at her children’s school. 

Nilam Holmes, left, gave Steve’s skin a deep clean, and Dr Tapan Patel, right, helped to replump Sarah’s face

While the public put her age at 50 before – eight years older than she actually was – they now said she looked 35, seven years younger than her real age of 42.

‘That’s amazing, that makes me smile even more,’ she told Cherry upon hearing the news. 

‘I never thought I’d look this good, I feel absolutely stunning and I really do feel beautiful.’

She had an emotional reunion with her daughter Chloe and best-friend Debbie, who burst into tears upon seeing her new look.  

‘I’ve honestly never seen Sarah look more radiant and beautiful than she does today,’ Debbie said.  

‘I’m rarely speechless and I’m rarely crying and I was both.’

For Sarah, the experience marked the start of a new chapter in her life.  

‘No turning back now, I feel like positivity inside of me is just bursting out,’ she said. 

‘I cant wait to get out there now and start dating, it’s made me feel like a brand new person inside and out.’

Meanwhile, broadband engineer Steve admitted his gambling addiction had consumed him for years.  

‘My gambling started when I was quite young, 10, 11 even,’ he said. ‘You fight with it every single day and it just consumes you.

‘The lowest point in my life was the realisation I had spent £18,000 in one afternoon, I said I wouldn’t do it again but it crept up on me again and it kept creeping up on me.’ 

His addiction put Steve in a very ‘dark place,’ where he realised he had a problem,  

‘I felt like throwing myself under a train, I realised “you got a problem, you need to do something”,’ he said. 

‘When I was in that dark, dark, place, you don’t care what people think because they can’t think anything worst than what you think of yourself.’

But thankfully, Steve started going to attend Gambling Anonymous meetings, and met Jo, who had a positive impact on him.  

‘It wasn’t until I met Jo that my life started turning around again,’ he said. 

The pair actually were childhood sweethearts, and their reunion led to romance, Steve revealed. 

‘It’s going very, very well, she’s the one that keeps me on a level playing field, I would say.’

But Jo, who knew Steve when he was young, said she hoped he’d reconnect with his old, fun-loving self.  

‘He used to a really cheeky chappy, and that just makes me feel sad in a way,’ Jo said. 

‘I want him to be how he was before, he’s just not like that anymore, his confidence has gone downhill,’ she added. 

Steve’s sisters Janine and Susan agreed their brother had stopped caring about himself and had hit a low point.  

‘My gambling was hard to take, to master, to beat, I’ve aged, it feels like I’m older than I should be,’ Steve said. 

‘Inside I feel young and happy and it’d be nice to look like I feel.’ 

Most people felt Steve looked 58, only three years older than he actually was, but Cherry told him some people had ventured he looked as old as 70.  

He told her his story, and why he wanted to change.  

‘This little thing that’s always been at the back of my character: gambling, always crept on me without me realising,’ he said. 

He joked he wanted help from top to bottom and his first meeting was with Gemma Shepphard, who said he had settled in the comfort zone of ‘that’ll do.’

She put him in a new pair of jeans and experimented with blazer jackets, something Steve said he wasn’t a fan off, to see how youthful he looked. 

After this first session, he met with John Vial, who gave him some tough love. 

John explained that everything in Steve’s appearance, from his beard to hair length and the shape of his glasses, had worked to make him look older than he was. 

The pair decided on a surfer cut for Steve, who wasn’t ready to cut all his hair away.  

He then met with cosmetic expert Nilam Holmes, who gave his rugged skin a thorough clean up, getting rid of the death skin cells on this face caused by dermatitis. 

‘Going to a beauty consultant is not what I’d choose to do but I’m going to give it a go,’ he said.  

She also waxed his ears, an unpleasant but necessary ordeal in the quest to make Steve look younger than he was.     

Even before seeing the end result of his makeover, Steve’s confidence was on a all-time high.  

‘I’m walking around with my head held high, I’m actually happier, I’m talking a lot more, which is who I wanted to be,’ he said. 

For his new look, John vial completely shaved his greying beard, and cut his hair to a ear-length. 

Steve hung back his glasses, preferring contact lenses instead, which instantly made him look younger. 

Gemma dressed him in a light grey suit, with a t-shirt and sneaker, striking the perfect balance between casual and smart.  

‘I knew you were hot,’ Cherry said.

‘You’re such a good looking man, where has this man been, hiding behind your hair,’ she went on. 

‘You mustn’t hide anymore because that would be a crime to humanity,’ she said. 

Steve was equally pleased with his look when he finally caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. 

‘Oh my , shut the front door,’ he said. 

‘Wow, surfer dude, he has absolutely nailed it on the head,’ he said of John’s choice of haircut. 

‘And I’m in a suit, what’s that all about, I’m loving the person you brought out.’

While people thought Steve looked 58 instead of 55, they now put his age at 45, ten years younger than he actually was.  

‘This is what I was hoping for, if I could ask people what age they thought I was, that would have been bang on the money,’ he said. 

‘I’ve been hiding behind the hair, my glasses, my beard, everything and now I got the tools and the know how to keep Steve from hiding. 

‘I feel well under 50, I feel 45, like the survey said, I can’t believe it.’

His family, who came to his makeover reveal, also thought Steve looked dapper, especially his partner Jo.  

‘I don’t know what I expected, but I didn’t expect him to look that good,’ she said. 

‘I’m gonna wake up in the morning and wonder who is this man with me.’

Viewers were amazed with how good both Sarah and Steve looked following their impressive makeovers 

‘Confidence is now massive, it’s like having a kick off the backside, it is the start of something for me,’ Steve said. 

Viewers were impressed with both Steve and Sarah’s transformations, noting how incredible they looked. 

‘Steve is fit!!!!’, one said.  

‘Jeeez what a transformation tonight,’ said another. 

‘This blokes transformation on #10yearsyounger is quite staggering,’ said another.  

’10yearsyounger is such a great programme. Makes me cry!! Such a feel good show Clapping hands sign

‘Woah, both of them look really good,’ one said.  

‘Oh my god he looks amazing.’ one wrote.

10 Years Younger in 10 Days is available on My5.  

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