Mother-of-two reveals how she feeds her family for just £3.60 a day

Mother-of-two reveals how she feeds her family three ‘nutritious and balanced’ meals a day for just £3.60 INCLUDING smoked salmon for breakfast and a Sunday roast

  • Natalie Lee, 39, from East London, shared £25 weekly shopping list 
  • The mother-of-two revealed how she feeds the family-of-four for £3.60 per day 
  • Meals include a smoked salmon breakfast on a Saturday and a Sunday roast 

A mother-of-two has revealed how she feeds her family for just £3.60 a day, while enjoying smoked salmon for breakfast and a huge Sunday roast dinner.  

Natalie Lee, 39, from East London, challenged herself to spend just £25 for the week, before devising a meal plan to feed her husband Matt and their two daughters for seven days. 

The mother-of-two shared every item in Aldi trolley with The Mirror and, despite only having £25 in her budget, was able to splash out out on more luxury items including smoked salmon and a full chicken.

 Natalie, who is a former midwife and blogger, said she took on the challenge after spending ‘more than she should have’ on a ‘really special Christmas’ with her family. 

Natalie Lee, 39, from East London, challenged herself to spend just £25 on her weekly shop for her family-of-four 

She chose January for the challenge ahead of the ‘poorest day of the year’, i.e. the last Friday before pay day after the Christmas blow out.  

Ahead of the challenge, she shared a post on Instagram revealing her motivation for the tight budgeting.

She penned: ‘January is probably the hardest month of the year financially for most people, so I’m interested to see if I can feed my family with a well-balanced and nutritious weeks food shop.’ 

The mother-of-two said she wanted to try the challenge to see if she could feed her family with a  ‘well-balanced and nutritious’ shop for just £25 

The £25 is less than half of the the national average family weekly food shop, which comes in at £60.60 according to figures. 

Natalie’s tips for feeding family for £25 a week  

1. Plan ahead by devising a weekly meal plan

2. Aim for a range of different foods and flavours in your shop  

3. Buy a selection of frozen food and pantry goods which allows you to splash out on other luxurious 

4. Don’t be afraid to be ‘flexitarian’ for  the week

Natalie said she needed motivation to push herself to cook for the family on a tight budget.   

The mother-of-two’s shopping list included basics like wholewheat pasta, large eggs, porridge oats and rice.

But it also included more ‘luxury’ items, such as halloumi cheese, lime, chilli flakes, and avocado, all of which were catered for in her meal plan for the week.

Her spend included more lavish style meals, such as halloumi and asparagus kebabs, smoked salmon and eggs and a Sunday roast to celebrate the end of the week.

And while she opts for chicken and meatballs for several meals throughout the week, on other days Natalie cooked purely vegetarian meals, such as vegetable rice and pasta, olive oil and garlic granules.  

Natalie’s meal plan for the week  

Natalie’s full shopping list 

Large eggs, Blueberries, Frozen mixed veg, Avocado, Soft wholemeal bread, Scottish porridge oats, Specially Selected Pesto,  Everyday Essentials Spaghetti, Wholewheat Pasta, Chicken breast fillets, Diced Chicken Breast, Cereal, Vegetable Soup, Roasting potatoes, 5% fat beef Meatballs, Easy cook rice, Iceberg lettuce, Whole Chicken, Low fat natural yoghurt, Baked Beans, Halloumi, Red Chilli, Asparagus, Lime, Chili Flakes, Fajita Kit, Spring Onions, Mixed Peppers 


Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Eggs and avocado on toast

Dinner: Vegetable rice

Despite only spending £25 for the weekly shop, Natalie enjoyed more lavish meals including smoked salmon on toast 


Breakfast: Porridge

Lunch: Rice with chicken and mixed peppers

Dinner: Halloumi and asparagus kebabs


Breakfast: Cereal

Lunch: Meatballs and leftover vegetables

Dinner: Chicken fajitas


Breakfast: Cereal

Lunch: Vegetable soup and bread

Dinner: Pasta, olive oil and garlic granules


Meanwhile she and her family enjoyed a roast chicken dinner on the Sunday at the end of her challenge 

Breakfast: Smoothie

Lunch: Vegetable soup and bread

Dinner: Spaghetti with pesto sauce


Breakfast: Smoked salmon and eggs

Lunch: Baked beans on toast

Dinner: Chicken, asparagus and potatoes


Breakfast: Eggs and chilli flakes on toast

Lunch/Dinner: Sunday roast

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