Mother's weight loss transformation and £6k mummy makeover

Mother who ‘looked like a bear’ at 20st says she finally feels sexy after losing 9st and having £6,000 ‘mummy makeover’ and a boob job to fix her lopsided breasts

  • Ruth Geary, 37, from Ashby-de-la-Zouch piled on weight after three children
  • She cut out chocolatey treats and slashed her daily calories to 2,000 from 4,000
  • Ruth who is 5f4in is now 11st3lb and a size 10 and has a BMI of 26.7  
  • Mother also had surgery including a tummy tuck after weight loss 

A mother who felt she ‘looked like a bear’ after three pregnancies finally feels sexy again after losing half her body weight – and having a £6,000 ‘mummy makeover’.

Ruth Geary, 37, from Ashby-de-la-Zouch ballooned to 20st 5lb after having her youngest child, Mela, now eight, in 2014, and as the pounds piled on, her breasts became uneven – with the right an F cup and the left a D. 

But she had a wake up call in December 2019, when she thought she was dying from a heart attack after running upstairs.

After cutting out chocolatey treats and slashing her calorie intake from 4,000 to 2,000 a day, as well as taking up cycling and exercising on the treadmill, Ruth lost 9st 2lbs.

She is now a svelte 11st3lb and a size 10 and also underwent a tummy tuck and breast uplift, implants and reduction surgery in March to remove excess skin and fix her ‘loopy breasts’.

Ruth Geary, 37,from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, pictured, had ballooned to 20st5lb after having her youngest child Mela, now eight

Ruth started to have problems with her weight when she was 16. 

She was a size 6 and struggled with bulimia because she had poor body image, despite being ultra slim.

Her school was so concerned that she ate her meal an hour after her classmates and a dinner lady would make sure she had eaten. 

‘I wasn’t bullied or anything, it was just a personal struggle,’ Ruth recalled.

Ruth, pictured this year after her weight loss, cut out chocolatey treats after her wake up call which left her feeling like she was having a heart attack

Ruth, pictured with children Emily and Mela in 2020, developed PCOS in 2008 and saw her weight go from a size 8 to 10 and then continue to creep up

‘I used to be quite skinny in my younger days. For a while, I was bulimic because of confidence issues at high school.

‘I was a size 6. My head was really big, so my mum said I looked like a lollipop.

‘I had a separate dinner hour from my friends. I’d go after them and sit with the dinner lady. I’d always eat a jacket potato and a banana.

What is PCOS? Causes, symptoms and treatment explained…

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder causing enlarged ovaries with small cysts on the outer edges.

Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. 

Symptoms include menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, acne, and obesity.

Fertility may also be affected.

While the exact cause of PCOS isn’t known, insulin resistance caused by a highly refined and processed diet is believed to be one of the biggest triggers.

PCOS can be managed through diet, the contraceptive pill and other oral medications.

Source: Mayo Clinic 

‘She was there to make sure I was eating and not throwing up.’

Eventually, she stabilised at size 8 – 10, but then, a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) saw her gain weight and develop facial hair, which affected her self-esteem.   

She said: ‘I was devastated. I already had such low self esteem and then I started to grow all these hairs and was getting bigger and bigger.

‘I was getting spots and hairs on my face. I was almost growing a beard and had to shave my face every day. I thought I looked like a bear.’

However, after the day she thought she was having a heart attack, Ruth took drastic action, cutting out regular chocolate treats and removing the two sugars in the 10 coffees she has a day.

The 37-year-old also slashed her 4,000 calorie a day consumption in half.   

By the end of 2020, the mother-of-three had lost two stone and wore a size 20. 

This gave her the confidence to go for walks and bike rides with her neighbour.

She was even able to watch her favourite shows including Bridgerton on a treadmill, to make sure she was staying active.

The 37-year-old, pictured with her family in 2015, said her wake up call made her think she was dying 

Ruth, pictured before and after weight loss, said she watched her favourite shows including Bridgerton while she exercised on a treadmill

‘I decided that if I got to a certain point I would have surgery to remove all my excess skin, so I just focused on portion control,’ Ruth said. 

‘At Tesco, I’d park the furthest away I could, so I could get more steps in and I’d only watch my favourite Netflix shows if I was on the treadmill.

‘I really embraced the change. It gave me something to focus on.’

Once Ruth was in good shape, she decided to turn her attention to the finishing touches.  

‘My mum was so supportive as she knew how much this was affecting me, and she told me to sell her caravan so we could pay for the surgery,’ she said. 

When Ruth flew out to Irmet Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, in March 2022, she weighed  11st 12lb.

 Since losing weight, Ruth said she is feeling ‘sexy and confident’. The 37-year-old is finally happy with her physique after battling with an eating disorder in her teenage years

Ruth, pictured, had surgery at Irmet Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey to remove excess skin and fix her breasts 

Ruth, pictured before and after her weight loss, said she feels ‘sexy’ and ‘more confident’ especially because her breasts are now even 

She had surgery including a Fleur De Lys (FDL) tummy tuck, involving the removal of significant excess skin from the entire midsection.

Ruth also had a breast uplift, implants and a reduction during the £6,00 operation that lasted 10 hours. 

‘I feel more sexy and more confident. I feel like I shouldn’t say that about myself,’ she said. ‘But I think I look healthy and I look younger.

Ruth said: ‘I’m proud of myself that I was able to do it, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

‘I can buy nice clothes and even wear jeans with a t-shirt tucked in.

‘Before, I always wore the biggest and baggiest t-shirts and leggings, hiding away.’

Ruth, pictured before and after her weight loss, says she is proud she was able to slim down by commiting to a healthy diet and exercise 

Ruth, pictured while pregnant with Mela in 2013 (left), saw her weight balloon to more than 20st after having three children. Right: She used to wear baggy clothing to cover up her lopsided breasts 

Ruth’s breast surgery took her from 40F to a 36D, and she describes the results as ‘brilliant’.  

‘Even looking at my breasts now, they are so much better,’ she said.

‘I’m so pleased they are symmetrical. I can’t stop looking at them. They look natural.’

‘Bra shopping was a nightmare before, as I’d either have to buy a bra that fit the big breast and the small cup would just be empty, or find one for the small one and the big one would spill over the top.

‘Now I can buy bras that fit.’

The mother of three can also wear size 10 jeans which she says still feels ‘completely surreal’, after she had 6lbs of loose skin removed.   

Ruth was a size six during her teenage years (pictured left) and suffered from bulimia. Right: before her weight loss, Ruth had a wake up call when she became extremely out of breath while walking up the sairs

The 37-year-old, pictured in 2019 before her weight loss, said PCOS had a huge impact on her self esteem. Right: Out on a bike ride during her weight loss journey in 2020 

Ruth, pictured this year, says her weight loss has improved her self confidence and relationship with her children

Ruth, pictured at her wedding in 2012, says she is more present in her children’s lives than ever thanks to her weight loss 

She says that her weight loss has improved her self confidence and relationship with her children because she can finally join in with them when they are playing in the park, when her size previously made this impossible. 

Ruth said: ‘Losing weight was so important, because I could finally go on the swings with my children and fit.

‘I was going on the zipwire with them. I would never have entertained that at 20 stone.

‘I can even jump on the trampoline with them now.

‘I feel like I’m more present in their lives than ever before.’

‘Losing weight has improved my life in every way and I would urge anyone in my position to take action, see their doctor and get all the help available to tackle their weight.

‘And the surgery was worth every penny as my mental and physical health could not be better.’

Ruth’s diet before 

Breakfast 4 coffees with two sugars each

Lunch McDonald’s chips, coffee with two sugars, chocolate bars  

Dinner Takeaway curry or pizza, chips, bag of haribos, bag of doritos, jelly beans

Snacks Plain ready salted crisps, chocolate raisins, biscuits  

Ruth’s diet now 

Breakfast Coffee with one sugar, strawberry slimfast shake 

Lunch Salad wrap

Dinner Pasta with vegetables

Snacks Dark chocolate


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