Mum of 11 kids wants to have 12th baby – despite living in four-bed house

A woman who has 11 kids has revealed she is desperate to have a 12th baby, despite living in a four-bedroom house with her big family.

Zoe Sullivan, 41, and husband Ben, 44, have 11 children under the age of 15, but admit they still want to have more.

The couple spoke on Channel 5's Me and My 10 Kids about their daily life as the two parents follow a strict routine during their 17-hour day from the moment they wake up at 4.45am.

The family-of-13 live in a four-bedroom property in the north of Scotland.

The parents have their own room, and the three other bedrooms are divided up between Elisabeth, 14, Olivia, 13, and twins Charlotte and Isabelle, 11, Eva, eight, twins Leah and Erin, three, Agnes, two, and sons Noah, ten, Toby, six, and one-year-old Joseph. 

Ben said: “You’ve got the four oldest girls in the other bedrooms, the three boys in here and the four other girls in the other bedroom.

“I suppose you could say we are quite chocablock here.”

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In the latest episode, the loving mum can be seen moving her youngest child's cot out of her room to move him into a bedroom with his brothers.

She said: “It is going to be strange without a baby in here but hopefully the space should be filled fairly soon.”

RAF aircraft engineer Ben added: “We are making kind of plans to have another baby.

“I mean there’s up and there’s downs. It is busy, we don’t always get it right.

“Essentially we love it, and we love having all the children. Why wouldn’t you want to have another one?”

Zoe said: “We’d love it. It’s our life, it’s who we are. They are our everything.”

Between them, the family eats almost £300 of groceries each week, including three loaves, four litres of milk and a box of cereal a day, The Sun Online reports.

In the morning, the mum-of-11 gets up for a shower, then starts washing the first of the day's three loads of washing into the machine and starts making packed lunches.

Usually at home Ben helps prepare breakfast before Zoe gets the girls ready for school.

Dad Ben admitted that he does not remember all of his 11 kids' birthday dates.

He said: “I have all the birthdays on a note on my phone because I just haven’t got the capacity to remember all the birthdays, all dates. I remember kind of when they are.”

Zoe tops up on food supplies at her local shop and is always looking for ways to save cash.

The parents, originally from Cornwall, usually eat around 8pm or 9pm and go to bed at 10pm.

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