Mum splits internet by sleeping with husband and five kids in huge family bed

A mum-of-five has sparked a heated debate online after sharing how she and her husband co-sleep with their children in a massive custom bed.

Amanda Scott, who lives in the US, showed off her unusual bedroom set-up on TikTok and told her 14,200 followers that her family have slept together in the same bed for eight years.

In a video she posted on the account, Amanda films herself standing on the mattress while tidying the bed.

She says the huge family bed is actually a king-sized and a queen-sized mattress pushed together in a handmade wooden frame so that it can sleep seven people.

It seems a bit challenging to change the bed as Amanda has to fit it with two bedsheets and an extra-large duvet.

The bed is so big that she has to "skip the top sheet".

The clip, which has since been viewed more than 4.8 million times, ends with a beautiful display of the bed with an array of colourful cushions in the middle.

Some parents loved Amanda's co-sleeping idea and believed it's a way to make the children "feel safe".

A mum said: "I love this. We don't sleep alone as parents, why should we expect our tiny humans to do it? My job is to make her feel safe."

A second one commented: "So many people think it's just about sleeping when it's really about strengthening positive attachments in the family and in the neural connections."

Others, however, were not happy about Amanda's dream sleeping situation, saying that it could put the small children's lives at risk.

One concerned viewer wrote: "You can still have a bond without putting their lives at risk. Good luck when they're older and can't self soothe or sleep alone."

Another penned: "I'd be scared to squish my baby as I'm an active sleeper but you do you."

Amanda hit back at the criticism and said the older children sleep in their own beds now, and the little ones aren't forced to sleep in the bed.

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