‘My boring wife only likes sex and orgasming because it helps her sleep’

My long-term girlfriend is a cold, hard woman.

She doesn’t have a romantic bone in her body. She’s very efficient and organised.

She earns a decent salary and we go away a lot, but she’s never once said: “I love you.”

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We have sex, but she goes through the motions like cleaning her teeth. She likes to orgasm because it helps her to sleep better, but we never snog.

Now I’ve met a cheeky woman who is the complete opposite. She’s cuddly and soppy and so much fun.

I keep fantasising about what it would be like to have sex with her. Dare I go for it while I’m still young?

JANE SAYS: You can’t cheat. If you wish to live the life of a single guy, then tell your girl that you and she are through and take your chances with your new friend.

But you can’t stick with your girlfriend while sleeping with another girl because that’s not on.

You can’t use people. Doesn’t your current girl deserve a second chance? Has she ever explained why she might be cold and reserved?

Why don’t you put your energy into spicing up your existing love life? Be pro-active and your long-term girl may just surprise you.


My boyfriend can’t stand the fact that I am popular.

We both work in the same industry. I’ve got lots of mates, but he has none.

It’s the same story at our gym and in the village pub. I seem to click with folk while he’s awkward and stand-offish.

He’s becoming increasingly resentful of my popularity and it’s getting me down.

He can be spiteful and accuses me of being insincere and a fake. Can I help it if I have a sunnier disposition?

JANE SAYS: It’s always disappointing when others aren’t fully supportive.

Your boyfriend is jealous of your popularity and feels intimidated by it.

Is there a chance that he could become even more bitter and angry in the future?

Tell him that you don’t appreciate this nonsense. Unless he can grow up and start accepting you for who you are, then you may not have a future together.

Is he willing to accept tips on being more open and friendly? Does he have a problem?

I fear that he is too immature for you and could drag you down.

Don’t allow anyone to extinguish your natural light.


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