My brother wants apology for calling his girlfriend a gold digger

My brother’s girlfriend Googled how much her Christmas presents costs so I called her a gold digger – he wants an apology, but I think she’s disgraceful

  • Woman revealed she called brother’s girlfriend a ‘gold digger’ on Christmas Day
  • Hostess, believed to be from the UK, said the guest kept asking about money 
  • Others agreed the girlfriend was being rude and needed to be called out 
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Family tiffs are a common occurrence during the holidays, but this hostess went one step further by calling her brother’s girlfriend a ‘gold digger’ on Christmas day. 

The unnamed woman, who is believed to be from the UK, revealed on Reddit’s Am I The A******? that her brother’s girlfriend kept asking about the price of her house during her Christmas stay, and how much money she makes. 

The hostess snapped after her guest went as far as googling the price of the gifts she received to work out how much the family had spent on presents, accusing her of being a ‘gold-digger’.

While her brother James was angry with her comments, many people praised the hostess online, saying she was right to react and that the partner had been ‘incredibly rude.’

A sister hosting her brother’s girlfriend over Christmas, believed to be from the UK, revealed she snapped and called her as ‘gold digger’ because the guest wouldn’t stop asking questions about her finances and even googled the amount she spent on Christmas gifts  (stock image) 

The sister revealed in her post that the girlfriend and her brother had been dating seven months and that she was not familiar with the rest of the family. 

But the girlfriend was still invited to spend the holidays with James’ family, arriving on Christmas Eve and leaving on Christmas Day after lunch.  

While she had met her once before and had found her nice, the hostess was left uncomfortable when James’ girlfriend asked for the price of her Christmas tree.

She initially brushed the question off, however, she said that the guest continued to ask nosy questions about the family’s finances as Christmas Eve went on.

The hostess revealed her brother was angry at her for calling his girlfriend a ‘gold digger’ but countered the girlfriend’s behaviour was ‘disgraceful’

‘Throughout the evening she asked several questions centred around money. She asked my husband how much he paid for our house, my stepdad how much money he made in his previous job, how much my watch cost. 

‘She even googled one of our art pieces to see how much it sold for and started talking about how crazy it was that we spent that much, which frankly was very uncomfortable,’ the hostess went on. 

The family tried to address this issue discreetly, and the sister’s step-father took James aside to talk to him about his partner’s behaviour, with the brother agreeing to talk to his girlfriend. 

However, the girlfriend doubled-down on Christmas Day, after the family all opened their presents. 

Most of the readers agreed that the brother’s girlfriend was out of line for asking so many questions about money

‘We were talking about plans for January and [his girlfriend] loudly said she didn’t know how we could afford to do anything in January as she added up the total we’d spent on gifts, and then proudly proclaimed the total amount,’ the hostess said. 

‘The whole table went silent, and honestly I was equal parts shocked and annoyed that someone could be so ignorant,’ she added. 

That’s when the hostess snapped at the guest and told her: ‘You are the world’s most diligent gold digger. Seriously, would you like to be the family accountant since you’re already tracking expenses?’

She then recounted that her brother’s girlfriend tried to apologise, and later didn’t speak for the rest of the family lunch.

After the incident, the hostess was told off by her brother, who said she had upset his girlfriend. 

‘He is saying I owe both of them an apology, but I think her behaviour was disgraceful,’ she revealed. 

Some people felt that calling the girlfriend a ‘gold digger’ was unnecessary, but still agreed the girlfriend had been ‘seriously inappropriate’ 

‘My parents say she was wrong but I probably should have said something in private or they could have, and I shouldn’t have said something in front of everyone,’; she added. 

People agreed that the hostess was right to call out the girlfriend’s nosy behaviour, however, some said she shouldn’t have called her a ‘gold digger.’

‘I’d never apologise to his human cash register,’ one said.

‘Asking how much people make is unacceptable I don’t even ask my best-friend how much he makes… I don’t know if the woman is a gold digger or not, but she’s seriously inappropriate,’ another said. 

‘She came into your house and basically started appraising your net wort or assets like your about to go to auction… Are you sure she’s not planning a New Year Eve’s heist?

‘Seriously though, your brother had the gall to ring you up and say you upset her, when she’s the one asking intrusive financial questions and itemising your belongings. If I were you, she would not be getting an invite back,’ one wrote. 

‘Yeah, asking about the price of certain items, or how much you make, maybe. There can be reasons for that, although the total number of inquiries rise to strange levels,’ another said. 

‘But adding up the cost of someone else’s Christmas presents? What the hell? That’s not just intrusive, that’s bordering on insane. The poster was right to call her out on that,’ they added. 

‘She completely deserved that comment. She was judgmental, and actually googling the cost of things in someone else’s house is insane!! Everyone knowns not to talk about money and the cost of things in polite company. She was incredibly rude,’ one said. 

‘I’d understand if it was one or two questions about money, that’s a pretty standard casual question,’ one wrote. 

‘But continually going on about it and spending time researching it is absolutely gold digger material,’ they added. 

‘Agreed, and since I’ve seen it raised, I’m on the spectrum and it’s still absolutely rude and I struggle to think how someone reaches adulthood without knowing that interrogating people you’ve just met on their finances is rude, and then telling other people what their finances are like (in front of them) is rude.

‘Everything the new girlfriend asked I ask to myself and google/Zillow. I’d never ask them to someone I just met, at least not all of those.

I have asked people how much their house cost but I don’t see that as being intrusive anymore with Zillow and realtor sites.

Although I wouldn’t consider her a gold digger for asking these questions, the posted had every right to be angry.

Other people said she wasn’t right to call the girlfriend a ‘gold digger’ although they admitted her questions were intrusive. 

‘She’s totally being rude and deserves to be called out, but I think it’s weird jumping to the poster’s ‘gold digger’ accusation. Some people are just oblivious to boundaries and behave like this. Who knows why she’s so focused on money, but it seems a bit presumptive and condescending to assume her intention is to take advantage of them, which is what gold digger would imply,’ one wrote. 

‘The implications of that are that you don’t really care or love your partner and are just there for the money. As rude and nosy as she was, that’s really a huge escalation,’ one wrote. 

‘She was highly nosy and tone deaf to her questions but Gold Digger wasn’t the vibe I got. I find it so odd when people to know how much you paid for things. It’s awkward and makes them look entitled because that information is none of their business,’ one said. 

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