‘My husband gave our son his Christmas presents early without telling me’

An awful lot of planning, shopping and hard work goes into making Christmas morning magical for our children. And, it’s all to see their faces light up when they see what Santa’s brought them.

But, one mum told of her horror when she realised that her husband had given their son his most expensive present ahead of the big day without telling her.

Posting on Mumsnet, she said she needed to moan about her partner as he was ruining her plans.

She also said it would cheer her up if other commenters would call her husband a “pig” for what he’d done.

The mum wrote: “My son is two and finally understands who Santa is and that Santa is gonna bring him presents this year..

“I’ve been saving my pennies for months and been so careful about what gifts I pick for my son because I wanted things I know he would love and appreciate.

“I ended up with about four presents for him but each and every one was thought out and special…I just want to make it a lovely memory for him and us.”

But, she noted that the only problem was her husband.

She added: “About a week or two ago I left my husband to watch my son for a couple hours while I went to the hospital for an appointment (pregnant) when I came back my husband had found a hidden presents and opened it and gave it to my son!

“I was a bit annoyed but not too unhappy as it was only a bubble bath set so not one of the main presents!

“This morning however I've woken up to my son playing with the most expensive and the present I was most excited about to see his reaction when he opens it on Christmas morning!”

The devastated woman said she’d “saved and shopped and planned everything to make [it] special".

She added: “He keeps ruining it! I don't have a lot of money to keep replacing gifts at this rate my little one will have nothing left to open on Christmas Day…”

But, rather than a lighthearted commiseration with the woman, fellow mums were fuming at the bloke.

One woman said: “Why on earth would he do that? What an absolute K*ob. Totally unbelievable.

“I’d be having serious words and maki g him go and choose a replacement.”

“He's either as thick as mince or a complete pr**k,” added another. “I’d have gone ballistic.”

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While a third noted: “I’m sure there must be a lot of other ways he’s a selfish git if this is how he behaves over Christmas presents.”

“It doesn’t sound like a marriage at all with you saving your own money to buy presents,” added a fourth.

When asked what her husband said when she confronted him, the woman replied: “He does stupid things like this all the time if I'm honest not in an attempt to be nasty but I think pure stupidity.

“He said my son was crying when he had to leave for work so he had to do something to distract him.

“He also said that I can just box it back up he opened the box carefully and cause my son is only two he'll forget about it by the time Christmas comes around.”

She added: “He doesn't realise he's done something so bad, but I guarantee you he will be getting replacements for it.”

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