My wife thinks I'm cheating because when I ejaculate, nothing comes out

DEAR DEIDRE: MY wife thinks I’m cheating because when I ejaculate, nothing comes out.

I still get the same feelings as though I’ve climaxed, but nothing happens.

After sex, my urine is slightly cloudy, too.

It started about three months ago, and I’m worried there’s something wrong with me.

To add to my stress, last month my wife accused me of sleeping around. She said: “Is someone else satisfying your needs? Because you clearly don’t need me.”

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Now she’s demanding I get an STI test to prove I haven’t been playing around.

I’m 56 and she’s 51. We’ve been together for four years.

I hate the idea that she doesn’t trust me.

DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds like retrograde ejaculation, when semen travels backwards into the bladder.

It’s not harmful, but do talk to your GP to find out why it’s happening. Conditions such as diabetes can have this side effect.

Trust is key in any relationship, and will return if you’re open and honest with your wife.

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