Myles Stephenson rushed to hospital with punctured spleen after nightmare crash

Myles Stephenson had to be rushed to hospital after a nasty snowboarding accident that left him with a ruptured spleen and internal bleeding.

The Rak-Su singer and I'm A Celebrity star is recovering in the Intensive Care Unit after a collision while boarding in the ski resort of El Pas de la Casa in Andorra.

Myles, 28, reassured fans he's on the mend after sustaining a concussion, broken ribs and rupturing his spleen – and even felt well enough to crack a joke.

"Hey – what up people? I look a bit worse for wear, don't I?" he told fans in his Instagram Story from his hospital bed.

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"Thank you for all your messages. Basically I broke a few ribs, I ruptured my spleen and have some internal bleeding.

"That has stopped now, so I'm just chilling here on ICU – It's like a five-star ICU, it's amazing."

He added: "My mum and the rest of my family are getting me through this.

"I'm counting my blessings day in, day out. Always tell your loved ones you love them. Peace."

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Myles explained in a text post what had happened, quipping that this has taught him,"Mum is always right".

"A few days ago I had a bad boarding accident. I have concussion, 2 broken rubs and a punctured spleen which resulted in internal bleeding," he revealed.

"I have seen progression in good health and thank god I am doing okay! Thank you to the nurses, doctors and especially my family for treating me like a prince!"

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He went on: "Lessons learned from this accident is MUM IS ALWAYS RIGHT AND NEVER TRY FIGHT THAT! Lol. That my brothers love me. Step dads still a t**t. And the rest of my family thought they could to some covert Rambo mission to get out here!"

It comes just weeks after Myles, who found fame on The X Factor in 2018, was allegedly assaulted at an Essex nightclub.

The singer was reportedly viciously attacked at celeb hotspot Sheesh in Chigwell, but he later told fans he and his friends luckily weren't hurt in the fray.

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