Naga Munchetty told her tales ‘don’t make sense’ as BBC’s Charlie baffled on air

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BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt often have their differences, but on Friday morning's episode it appears as though Charlie was left feeling outraged by his co-host's admission.

The presenters were taking a look at the newspaper headlines when Naga Munchetty started discussing a story about an old wives' tale.

Presenter Naga explained how some beliefs which are considered to be factual are in fact false.

But Charlie Stayt seemed to be having none of it and demanded Naga to know where the information had come from.

Naga said: "So there are loads of these kinds of myths I suppose, that we've all grown up believing, but they've been myth-busted."

Perplexed by her statement, Charlie replied: "Give me an example."

"Okay, here's an example. Remember you're told, why would you wear a hat in the winter?" Naga responded.

Charlie answered: "Because it keeps you warm."

Naga added: "And because most of the heat escapes through your head?"

"And your feet, yes," Charlie chimed.

But according to reports, this claim was untrue.

"Yes, but no – only 10 percent of heat is lost through your head," she explained making reference to the article in front of her.

Charlie appeared to be confused by this statement and said: "Hold on a minute, where's the most heat going then?"

Moving on swiftly, Naga began to discuss other tales: "So the Great Wall of China is the only manmade structure visible from space – no, not true," she explained.

Naga added: "Your hair and fingernails continue to grow after you die – apparently no, not true. Humans only have five senses, no, not true."

Still appearing to be bewildered by the statements, Charlie asked: "Hold on, who is the authority of this debunking of what, to me, all sound like things that are true?"

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