Nick Cannon: Monogamy is a Eurocentric concept, he doesnt own his baby-mamas

Nick Cannon’s first children were Dem Babies, Moroccan and Monroe, with his now ex-wife Mariah Carey. Dem Babies are ten years old now and I’m not sure how much time he really spends with them. After Mariah, Nick became involved with Brittany Bell, and they have a 4-year-old daughter named Golden Cannon. Brittany also welcomed a second daughter, Powerful Queen Cannon, with Nick back in December. On June 14th of this year, he welcomed twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with Abby De La Rosa. Nine days later, his son Zen Cannon was born to Alyssa Scott. So, yeah – four children born within six months of each other by three different moms. Before this week, Nick had not really answered many questions about what the hell he’s doing and whether he plans to stick around and be a parent to any of these kids. Nick went on The Breakfast Club on Monday, and Charlamagne Tha God and his co-hosts had a lot of questions. Here are some of Nick’s answers:

Nick on “why so many kids”: “The beauty of fatherhood, when you really talk about living as a father, I’ve learned so much just from my children, and it’s so amazing. I really just love being around my kids. That youthful energy, it feels like you get to relive every time. I think I’ve been through so much in my life physically, mentally and spiritually, the best place that I find is the time that I spend with my kids and that energy. And to get as much of that as possible and to pass on all that I’ve lived into something else, that’s why I do it, man.”

Why did he impregnate several women within six months: “But why do people question that?…That’s a Eurocentric concept when you think about the ideas of you’re supposed to have this one person for the rest of your life. And really that’s just to classify property, when you think about it. When you go into that mindset, if we’re really talking that talk, the idea that a man should have one woman — we shouldn’t have anything. I have no ownership over this person. It’s about what exchange can we create together. I’ve never really subscribed to that mentality. I understand the institution of marriage if we go back to what that was about. … I don’t have ownership of any of the mothers. We create families in the sense of we created a beautiful entity.”

Indoctrinated monogamy: Cannon said many people can be “indoctrinated” into thinking everything should fit into a certain mold, and that he does not “subscribe” to monogamy. “Those women and all women are the ones that open themselves up to say, ‘I would like to allow this man in my world and I will birth this child.’ So it ain’t my decision, I’m just following suit… They know how I feel. I’m not going around like, ‘Who am I gonna impregnate next?’ … The woman is always the one who leads and makes the decision.”

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I will say one thing, which is that I have been surprised that – at the moment – there doesn’t seem to be any drama with the baby mamas, no lawsuits, no child support court cases, no Instagram beefs. Nick was there for the births of all of his children and he did all of the baby-bump photo-poses and all of that. So there’s no drama… right now. But that could change. And let’s be honest, it will change. Nick Cannon would not have multiple women coming up to him and saying “let me have your babies” if he wasn’t already wealthy.

As for the whole “indoctrinated monogamy” thing… like, I actually do believe that some people were not meant to be in coupled-up monogamous relationships. Some people truly bristle at that and the key to owning that is being honest with yourself about your wants and needs and being honest with your multiple partners. That being said, it’s not really “Eurocentric.” That’s Nick saying “fidelity to one person is for white folks” and that’s kind of f–ked up. Throughout time, people have been “coupling up.” Sure, there have been harems and polygamy and all of that. But throughout history, in many cultures and across all races, ethnicities and religions, people have prioritized two-person relationships, marriages, etc.

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