Nick Cordero’s wife Amanda Kloots admits she ‘couldn’t hold it together’ after a ‘hard day’ as he recovers from virus – The Sun

NICK Cordero's wife Amanda Kloots admits she "couldn't hold it together" after a 'hard day' as he recovers from the coronavirus.

The Tony Award-nominated actor has been in hospital since the end of March.

Amanda posted on Instagram yesterday: "I had a hard day today.

"I cried all day basically. I got mad today, too. I got mad at God.

"I'm praying and I have people all over the world praying.

"I said to my mom and dad, 'Why can't He throw us a bone?

"I'm sorry but I'm mad at him right now.'"

She went on about how she "broke big time today; at home, at the hospital in front of the doctors and while sitting next to Nick…I couldn't keep it together."

However, the mom to one-year-old Elvis, said sometimes that kind of a release is necessary.

She said: "It's OK. It's OK to cry, to get mad and say it's not fair. I will keep my faith and keep asking for miracles. I will put my armor back on and walk taller tomorrow.

"I will do the best I can do and make myself as big as I can. This, these 89 days now, have been tough. I broke today. I'll be back tomorrow.

"God doesn't expect me to be perfect. He doesn't expect anyone [to]."

Amanda's updated of Nick's condition saying he is still profoundly week.

She said over the weekend he is in a "vicious ICU dance circle"

"One thing goes right, and then another thing goes wrong, and that thing that was wrong goes right, but then the thing that was right goes wrong.

"To me, right now it's just like, how do we get out of this vicious circle, this circle of the ICU?"

He is still having carbon dioxide level problems, blood pressure issues and is acidotic.

Nick was first admitted into Cedars-Sinai hospital for coronavirus in late March.

The Broadway actor has faced a series of severe setbacks while in ICU in Los Angeles.

Nick had suffered complications from COVID-19 which forced doctors to amputate his right leg because of blood clots.

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