Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Just Expanded Their Family

Nicole Kidman is staying busy in quarantine. First, she found a side-hustle. Then, she and Keith Urban took the plunge and expanded their family. World, meet the furry up-and-comer who’s probably already eyeing (and sinking his claws into) Hollywood’s buzziest scripts: Louis.

On Monday, the Undoing star introduced her followers to “the newest member of our fur-family,” a black and white rescue cat. The actress recorded a video of her new pet stretching contentedly. “Welcome. We love you, Louis,” Kidman can be heard saying off-camera.

Kidman, Urban, and their daughters Sunday, 12, and Faith, 9, already have two other cats, Ginger and Snow, as well as a red poodle named Jules (Kidman’s “first puppy”).

We envision many hours spent rubbing up against various gilded statuettes around the house, watching Moulin Rouge, and listening to Keith Urban’s discography in Louis’s future. A good life awaits.

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