NRG Park Asked City of Houston to Block Roads Over Past Astroworld Issues

A staffer at Houston’s NRG Park — which hosts Astroworld Fest — made a very specific plea to Houston city officials to establish a wide perimeter … in anticipation of unruly behavior.

TMZ obtained permit and planning documents and correspondence between NRG and the City of Houston, and in them … the guy in charge of the facility’s parking emailed people at the mayor’s office just days before the 2-day festival was set to start.

The message — sent by parking rep Sandeep Prasad — is pretty detailed on what NRG was going to need from the City before Astroworld, due to what he described as past “transgressions.”

Specifically, Prasad wanted to see if Houston could accommodate having a couple main road lanes entirely blocked off just outside NRG Park … as he felt it would allow for safer entry into the premises, especially considering what had happened in 2018 and 2019.

Prasad’s email reads, “During the Festivals in 2018 and 2019, there were a lot of transgressions on the Main Street side of the Yellow Lot. Those included destroying property and various acts of violence.”

He goes on to say due to those issues, NRG is requesting to have the City close the two outside lanes going northbound on Main Street starting November 3. Main is a road that borders NRG and a section of its lot.

Prasad also mentions this request isn’t coming out of thin air … but on the heels of many public safety meetings in conjunction with Houston PD, which apparently thought this would be in the public’s best interest.

No word on whether NRG got what it wanted, but it’s telling the request was made at all. We don’t know for certain if Prasad was specifically referring to the massive stampeding that took place in 2019 — which was well-documented — as the park opened.

You might recall, folks were trampled in 2019 — the last time Trav held an Astroworld Fest at NRG — with many climbing over barricades and breaking through security gates. Three people were seriously injured back then, and the email makes it seem like NRG honchos had that on their minds ahead of this year’s concert.

And, that’s what makes this document so important … it shows NRG was aware of the risk for more violence and rowdiness, and attempted to take steps to curb it — although, the tragedy still went down on the premises.

As we reported … 8 people died, and many more are severely injured and hospitalized. And crazy enough, people STILL stormed in when the gates opened this year, well before Travis took the stage at night. So, NRG’s plans went down the drain.

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