NY Cop Saves Stabbing Victim's Life With Bag of Chips

“Go get me a bag of potato chips — right now!”

Incredible bodycam footage has captured the moment an NYPD officer saved the life of a stabbing victim… with a bag of chips.

Dylan Ubiles, 28, was knifed in the chest in a New York park on the night of July 7, and was bleeding out when Officer Ronald Kennedy arrived on the scene.

The clip shows Kennedy jumping out of the car, quickly assessing the scene and immediately taking charge by giving a bystander an order probably nobody expected to hear:

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“Go get me a bag of potato chips — right now!”

The surely-confused witness obeys anyway and runs into the store before emerging as ordered with $2 bag of Lays classic chips.

“He caught me in my lung,” Ubiles can be heard gasping, as Kennedy reassures him, before ripping the Lays open and emptying them onto the ground.

“Go in there and get me tape!” the cop orders the bystander, who again runs into the store before emerging with the second order.

After recruiting the help of two more bystanders, he cuts off the victim’s blood-soaked top and quickly fashions a makeshift compress using the empty chip bag and tape — a move that, according to the attending physician at Harlem Hospital, saved the man’s life.

“We got you, we got you,” Kennedy can be heard assuring him. “Stay with me. Stay with me!”

“It’s the best I could do with what I had,” he tells the arriving paramedics.

“I spoke to him at the scene,” Ubiles later told NY Daily News on Tuesday. “He’s actually the one who caught the (suspect). He made sure I got to the hospital, he took care of me.”

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According to the victim, the knifeman was his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Four days after the attack, police arrested 38-year-old Eric Rodriguez on charges of attempted murder, assault and weapons possession.

“It’s hard to breathe,” Ubiles told the outlet. “I can’t take deep breaths. I got stabbed in a piece of my heart. If my heart beats too fast it hurts.”

The victim’s mother Stacey Cuevas told the publication her son was a heroin addict and was looking to buy drugs when he was attacked — the second time he’s been stabbed this year.

Indeed showing off his new abdomen scar to reporters outside the hospital, the father-of-three still had a visible hole in his neck left by the screwdriver in the last attack.

“I’m grateful that he’s still alive,” Cuevas said, thanking Officer Kennedy for his quick thinking.

“Look at me: Shot, stabbed, cut,” Ubiles added. “This is what happens when you live that lifestyle. This is not a lifestyle I want to live anymore. I want to get certain things from certain places, just like Justin Bieber, you know what I’m saying? ‘Peaches from Georgia, weed from California’… But when you live a certain lifestyle, this is what it gets you.”

“I can’t put my mom through that anymore… Go to Florida. Get away from New York. Take your kids and give them a different experience.”

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