OMG! We Can't Believe That Epic Proposal at Adele's Concert Actually Happened

Adele’s One Night Only special definitely did not disappoint us with all of its amazing moments, but one in particular was by far the most epic part of the night. During the event on CBS, a man named Quentin surprised his girlfriend of seven years, Ashley, with a lovely marriage proposal. Turns out, he pulled it off with a little help from the show’s producers and Adele after reaching out to a fake TV show for help with his proposal. “I’m a bit nervous in case it doesn’t go well,” Adele said. “It’s also a bit ironic that I’m letting this happen.”

So here’s how it all went down: Quentin planned a romantic date for the two that eventually led them to Adele’s live show. With a blindfold and noise-canceling headphones, he was able to quietly lure Ashley right near the front of the stage at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. When Ashley finally removed her blinders, she looked around at the crowd of people surrounding them with an understandably confused look on her face. “What are you doing?” she asked, welling up with tears in her eyes.”Is this real? Am I awake?” — to which Quentin confirmed, “This is real, this is real.”

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