Our mums dream revealed who Tanyel should pair up with – and its not Ron

Since strutting into the South African villa last month, Tanyel Revan’s Love Island experience has been far from plain sailing.

The London-born hair stylist, 26, quickly caught the attention of Manchester hunk Kai Fagan, 24, and the attraction was mutual, with the pair coupling up in the first episode.

But last week things quickly turned sour when Bombshell Samie Elishi entered the villa.

Teacher Kai chose to couple up with the 22-year-old, leaving Tanyel in a friendship couple with cheeky chap Ron, 25.

But despite Tanyel previously admitting she had eyes for her pal, and being picked for a date by new boy Jordan Odofin, 28, Tanyel’s big sister Yesim believes her Mr Right is yet to walk into the villa.

“Our mum has crazy dreams – she keeps saying she can see a really handsome boy coming in! He’s tanned, with light eyes and dark features,” explains technical consultant Yesim, 35.

Yesim also insists that “Tanny” is far from fame-hungry, telling new that one ex-Islander’s successful love story is what inspired her to enter the villa.

“She was influenced by the likes of Molly-Mae Hague finding her dream guy,” Yesim claims. “She thought she might be able to find her own good egg.”

As well as giving us the lowdown on Tanyel’s dating past – which was filled with “surface-level” relationships – Yesim talks about celebs sliding into her sister’s DMs and predicts heads turning in Casa Amor…

Hey, Yesim! How did you feel when Tanyel announced she was going on Love Island?

That’s a funny one actually, because I was the one that secretly started the process for her. I remember Tanny kept saying, “Ugh, guys are rubbish, you can’t trust anyone!”, so I thought, “How cool would it be if she went on the show?”. The boys would be on 24/7 surveillance so she’d know exactly what they were up to all the time, plus she loves the show, so I thought it would be perfect for her. I went online and put her email address into the application. She had no idea. She rang me and was like, “What have you just done?!” But she was happy to go along with it in the end.

Has she joined the show for love, rather than for fame?

My sister has had so many opportunities to get her name out there – people have asked her to model and to be in a beauty contest – but she turned them down. She’s not fame-hungry at all, so when this opportunity came about, she did it because she was so down about guys and this is the ultimate environment to test a potential partner. She was influenced by the likes of Molly-Mae Hague finding her dream guy. There have been a few successful love stories in there, so she thought she might be able to find her own good egg.

How have you found watching her every night?

At one point, I was in tears because I was so proud of her. During the first ever challenge when all the boys were kissing her, I could see she was a little bit uncomfortable. She was trying to keep it classy and I just wanted to tell her, “Don’t worry, keep being yourself!” She’s not about sticking her tongue down somebody’s throat, but gradually watching her become more relaxed has been lovely to watch.

Did you think Tanyel and Kai had potential as a couple?

He’s a great looking guy – he’s someone she’d be drawn to physically. But with Tanny, going out and about, literally all the guys are attracted to her. Everyone’s on her case all the time but she’s so immune to it, so she often disregards that attention. You have to have a bit more than looks to break through to Tanyel. At points I thought her and Kai’s chats were a bit dry, but actually I think he was nervous around her.

She coupled-up with Ron last week. Could you see things heating up there?

I think on the outside world, Tanny would be friends with Ron all day long. But do I see a genuine romantic connection? Not really. I think them coupling up was very tactical. In my opinion, that was for both of them to get a reaction from Kai and Lana [Jenkins]. But it’s never going to materialise. She’s got a lot of pals like Ron on the outside.

Do you think Tanyel’s perfect man is yet to enter the villa?

Yeah, I think another man is going to come and turn her head. Our mum has these crazy dreams where she sees things really vividly, and she’ll tell me every day what she’s dreamt about and then 24 hours later, it’ll happen! She keeps saying she can see a really handsome boy coming in – tanned with light eyes and dark features.

Will she enjoy Casa Amor?

Yes! I think she’s really looking forward to it. For her, it’s all a challenge. She’s very guarded and she’s got her barriers up.

What’s her dating history like?

She’s definitely made the most of being single, but she’s not the kind of girl that jumps from one guy to another. She doesn’t need a guy to validate her, she’s very secure in her own skin and enjoys her own company. She’s had some boyfriends, but the majority of them have been surface-level relationships where she doesn’t let it get too deep. She doesn’t really get that intimate with them either – kissing is a massive thing for her, so she reserves that for the most important people.

Has she ever had a celebrity romance before?

If you look at her DMs, so many guys who are in the media have tried to slide in there and chat, but she doesn’t even respond! I can’t say who… I’ll tell her to say hello, but she’s like, “No! If he thinks this is how we’re going to strike up a convo, he can do one!” That proves she’s not focussed on fame. I look up to her for that.


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