Our Yorkshire Farms Amanda Owen hits back at fans’ concerns about her manky bangles

Amanda Owen says she’s ‘half embarrassed’ of her hands

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Amanda Owen, 46, has insisted that fans have no need worry about her decision to wear jewellery while working on her family’s Ravenseat farm. The Our Yorkshire Farm star revealed that she is certain that her signature bangles won’t get caught in machinery as she goes about her daily tasks, despite fans’ concerns.

Amanda is never seen without the bracelets, which she admits are “manky”, on her Channel 5 show, and she has now said that this is due to their sentimental value.

The stylish Yorkshire Shepherdess explained why she keeps the bangles on while out in the paddock, even though they may not seem suitable for farm work.

Amanda said: “It’s a link to my femininity whilst working on the farm.”

The star added to Simon Armitage on his podcast, Poet Laureate Has Gone To His Shed: “They do break, they’re only wire and yes, they’re bent and manky and my arm is all discoloured underneath but they’re sentimental to me.”

Amanda then hit back at fans who had worried about her tendency to wear jewellery while operating machinery.

She declared: “If they were going to [get caught in the farm’s machinery], they would have done by now!”

Simon quipped in response to his podcast guest: “Unless you began with three arms!”

Amanda revealed she treasures the bangles that she wears on her right arm, as she was gifted them by a friend.


The television personality and former model divulged that before she began her career as a shepherdess, she also worked in a Bangladeshi takeaway.

At the restaurant, Amanda became close with a girl and helped her in her bid to learn English.

The girl gave Amanda the bangles as a thank you present at the time for assisting her with her studies.

The mum-of-nine also revealed that her bangles have another purpose alongside their sentimental meaning.

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Amanda explained that her children can usually hear her coming towards them due to the noise of the bracelets clinking together.

They then take this as a warning to stop any cheeky antics.

She said: “They hear me coming and rush to put away or clean or throw out the window whatever they were doing.”

Amanda and her husband Clive Owen are parents to nine children together, seven of whom still live at home.

Miles, 15; Edith, 12; Violet, ten; Sidney, nine; Annas, seven; Clemmy, five and Nancy, all still live in the Owen family home at Ravenseat while Amanda’s two eldest children have moved out.

20-year-old Raven is currently studying bio-medical science in York, while 16-year-old Reuben has started an apprenticeship as a mechanic.

Elsewhere, Amanda recently confirmed the Owens are planning to relocate to a new farm.

The shepherdess and her spouse Clive have planned to move to another farmhouse a mile away from where they currently live in the Yorkshire Dales.

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