Painful moment Antiques Roadshow guest says mum ‘cleaned’ valuable art with Vim

An Antiques Roadshow guest was left cringing when she admitted her mum put harsh cleaning products straight on a valuable painting.

In an episode of the BBC One show that aired on July 18, art expert Grant Ford joined the team in Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire where he examined an oil painting.

The painting was by Iso Rae, a fairly notable Australian artist in the 19th century, real name Isobela Rae, and shows a woman standing in a garden.

Grant said: "When I first saw this picture from a distance I thought this must be a print. It’s framed like a print.

"Then upon closer inspection, I realised it’s an oil on canvas that’s been laid down and just framed like a print.

"It’s signed ‘Iso Rae’ in the lower left. What’s your history?"

The owner said it belonged to her grandparents and its potential value was only guessed when they watched an episode of Antiques Roadshow where someone else brought an Iso Rae painting.

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Looking a bit embarrassed, she then admitted her mum once tried to clean it with a detergent called Vim and was worried it might be damaged.

Grant winced and replied: "Obviously, it’s best not to use that sort of chemical on any pictures and it’s always best to get professional advice."

He then delivered some good news and said: "I think this picture is quite valuable actually."

The relieved owner gasped: "Gosh. That does surprise me and you don’t think she did any damage to it – my mum? If she did clean it."

Grant said: "Absolutely not and I’m going to immediately go straight in and tell you I think it’s worth four to six thousand pounds."

Delighted, she said: "Oh my goodness really? Gosh, that’s amazing.

"Well we better take good care of it then."

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