Parents blame ‘fussy’ kids for £9,000 of debt due to massive monthly food bills

A couple have explained that they have £9,000 of debt from their divorces – and claim they can’t pay it off due to their kids' fussy diets.

Anna and Mark Wallace spend a huge £1,000 a month on food.

They make around 41 trips to the supermarket each month and cook three different dinners every night to keep their children happy.

The couple also spend beyond their means, reports the Mirror.

Anna and Mark apparently spend £250 more than they bring home every single month which sends them further into debt.

Anna, who works for a high street homeware company, forks out £300 a month on beauty products and £430 on clothes and homeware.

Even her 13-year-old daughter splashes the cash and follows in her mum’s footsteps.

Meanwhile, electrical engineer Mark has put off doing any DIY around the house due to lack of funds.

His teen son’s bedroom has a hole in the ceiling, black mould and peeling wallpaper.

The family were confronted with their spending habits by Anna Richardson on How To Save A Grand in 24 Hours.

Anna and Mark live with three of their kids, but have five in total from previous marriages.

They claim they cook different dishes every night due to their little one’s fussy eating – particularly their youngest.

Anna explained: "The main problem we’ve got is Harley our 6-year-old.

“His staple diet consists of chicken nuggets, hot dogs and pizza.

“So we always have to cook a separate meal for him.”

After deep-diving into the finances, presenter Anna admitted it was “not a pretty sight”.

She found out the duo had five credit cards and spend £36 a month – that’s £438 a year – just on interest.

The parents often live in their overdrafts and pay £20 a month in charges.

Mark said: "I'm not very good at keeping track of what I've got in the bank or what I haven't got in the bank.”

And, they’re spending over double the national average on food.

The couple were warned that keeping up this lifestyle will result in an extra £15,000 debt in just five years.

Fortunately, the show’s expert team offered their advice and money saving hacks.

Firstly, the couple were informed they could save 30% by ordering their food online.

And, chef Gary Usher suggested getting the kids involved in cooking so that they eat the same meals.

The chef's top tips are to buy a whole chicken rather than breasts for better value and to use pre-chopped garlic from a jar rather than expensive fresh bulbs.

Gary shaved a whopping £267 off their mostly food bill.

Meanwhile, DIY expert Eve Humphreys helped sort out the family’s house.

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She fixed the mould with a £2 spray, filled the hole in the ceiling with filler and helped Mark put up some new wallpaper.

The couple manage to save £250 by not hiring professionals for the labour and spend just £60 on decorating the bedroom.

Mark and Anna also discovered they had three amazon accounts between them as well as four contracts on two phones.

The pair saved £56 by cancelling contracts and got £100 back from the bank after calling them about overdraft charges!

What a saving.

Thrilled mum Anna said: "It has empowered me.

“It's made me realise that I need to make the change and I can make the change."

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