People ‘creeped out’ by specific roommate ad looking to share with young woman

Finding a place to live can be difficult at times, with factors like rent, location and who you are living with to consider.

So, it is natural for people to put out advertisements to look for people to share a space with, but this one ‘creepy’ roommate ad taped to a wall has caused a bit of a stir on Twitter.

A 44-year-old bloke named only as Owen was on the search for someone to share his home with – but had some rather specific and unusual demands.

Typed on the poster was a set of requirements a roommate had to meet, including being a single woman between the ages of 18-25 who will be willing to cook and clean.

And, if you thought that was bad then ‘Owen’ also shared the apartment has only one bedroom and so they would have to share a room with him.

A Twitter user shared a snap of a confused looking woman who came across the ‘creepy’ roommate advert and it has now gone viral having racked up 229,000 likes.

The strange ad read: “Roommate wanted, single male (44) searching for roommate.

“Must be female aged 18-25 and single.

“Must be willing to cook and clean.

“One bedroom apartment, you can use the couch until you are comfortable enough to share the bedroom.

“No pets, no drinking, no drugs and no male friends allowed.

“My home has a “no closed doors” policy(this is for safety). $400 (£311) a month

“Call Owen.”

The phone number provided on the piece of paper had been blurred out by the Twitter user.

Appalled at the roommate advertisement, many people fled the comments to slam the ‘creepy’ note.

One person questioned: “44 and looking for a woman as young as 18?!”

Another user added: “I’m SPEECHLESS.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Yuk. And men wonder why we don't trust them.”

Someone else slammed: “Lowkey creeped out… some people really do exist thinking this is fine and normal? Appropriate?”

And, a fifth person fretted: “The only good thing on this paper is paying $400 a month. Everything else is a red flag. Do yourself a favour and don't roommate with strangers.

“That's how you find yourself on Unsolved Mysteries or Forensic Files.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of the roommate advert!

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