Pete Davidson's Bed Photo to Kanye Resurfaces Mac Miller Rumor

With Pete Davidson taunting Kanye West with a photo of himself in bed — apparently next to Kim Kardashian — some folks simply couldn’t help but think of one person … Mac Miller.

Here’s the deal … after PD’s stunt this weekend — in which his text messages to Ye surfaced, including a pic of him lying shirtless where he said he was “in bed with your wife” — the late rapper started to trend on Twitter … and the reason is because folks began to remember an old rumor about him, Ariana Grande and Pete from years ago.

You might recall … Kanye himself actually invoked this unsubstantiated rumor a month ago when he was lashing out, writing “NO COMMENT” at the time. The rumor is that Pete allegedly sent Mac intimate photos of himself and Ari before Mac died — and that, upon learning this and in the wake of Mac’s death, AG broke things off with her then-fiancé.

Like we said, that rumor bubbled up online upon Pete and Ariana splitting — and no media outlet reported it as true. Ariana’s brother Frankie, also shot it down to our camera. And yet … people felt that Pete doing something very similar here to Ye actually lent credence to the idea that maybe it happened.

Others felt it was a totally different situation, and more importantly … completely inappropriate to bring up Mac with this new mess, with many calling on such talk to simmer down.

And yet, some couldn’t help themselves with speculation — arguing that if Pete was willing to do this with high-profile people like Kim and Kanye … perhaps he could pull something similar with other love triangles he may have been involved in, including possibly Ari and Mac.

We’ll say this … Pete’s texts/pics to Kanye don’t prove anything about this gossip one way or the other.

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