Peter Barlow is heading to a dark place reveals Coronation Street star

Peter Barlow is only ever a few steps away from returning to destructive behaviour and upcoming Coronation Street scenes which concern the betrayal of Mr Thorne in Coronation Street will drive him to a dark place, reveals actor Chris Gascoyne.

Mr Thorne has been exposed as being part of making bets around Peter’s operation.

Having discovered this, Peter has allowed the red mist to descend but, after punching him, he has found himself facing criminal charges.

Peter is already on the backfoot and Chris has explained how things could turn badly for him.

He told ‘It makes him feel that he’s worthless. This guy is very privileged and yet he chose to play with his life.

‘They’re similar ages but they’ve had very different life experiences and it makes it all become very personal between these two men. One who’s had a very privileged life and then there’s Peter who hasn’t had that life at all.’

With the surgeon’s background, he is soon exploiting the situation.

‘Thorne holds all the cards really and Peter as we know can be hot headed when he can’t express himself or things aren’t going his way,’ the actor sighed.

‘When Thorne refuses to even try and understand him, that’s when Peter starts to revert back to what he knows, when he starts to get angry and starts saying some ridiculous things.

‘I understand it from Peter’s point of view, this man was playing with his life, but he’s just digging another hole for himself.’

We have seen Peter head to the edge when he finds himself in the middle of a crisis. And Chris has warned that dark times and relapses are never far away – and Peter may well spiral once more.

‘It’s started him on that path again, it’s confirming this self loathing for himself that he has laying underneath,’ the star explained.

‘It’s not an easy thing to live with, he is troubled and when he gets troubled like that and stops communicating with people again that’s when I don’t know where he’s going to go.

‘What I do know is that the place he’s in at the moment is not a very good one.

‘When he starts not to listen to people, he starts to isolate himself and when he’s not listening to Carla or his family and he’s on his own mission, that he absolutely starts to believe is the right thing to do, that’s when it gets interesting.’

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