Peter’s Fantasy Suite Dates On ‘The Bachelor’ Were EXTRA Awkward This Season

If it weren’t already uncomfortable enough having to watch your boyfriend make out with other women in front of you, The Bachelor producers found a way to up the ante. For the first time on the franchise, all three remaining women — Hannah Ann, Victoria, and Madison — stayed in the same hotel room during Peter’s fantasy suite dates. And it. was. awkward.

It’s pretty clear that the girls had no clue they were bunking together. Madison was the first to arrive to their Australian suite, and was startled when Hannah Ann walked through the door. "I had no idea what I was walking into," Hannah said. "I was like, ‘Madison’?" A few minutes later, Victoria walked in. "Wait, are you staying here too?" Madison asked her. "Yeah…" Victoria sighed. And that’s when they all realized what was happening.

“Apparently all of us will be living together during fantasy suite week. Are you kidding me?" Victoria told the cameras. "Really awkward. So awkward.” Back in the room, they made small talk until Peter arrived. Was he living there for the week, too? No, he just stopped in to make it even more awkward by talking about their upcoming dates.

“I know this week is definitely a little possibly awkward and weird, but I’m really excited for what this week can do," he said. "Hopefully we can kind of just look past everything else." Sorry Peter, viewers definitely couldn’t.

Not only did the women have to stay together, they had to come home to one another after taking turns spending the night with their shared boyfriend. It was especially awkward for Madison, who told Peter that she wasn’t OK with him spending the night with other women. It’s like the producers knew. Oh, wait.

"I knew coming into this week, it was going to be extremely challenging for me," Madison told Hannah Ann as they waited for Victoria to return from her night with Peter. "If she’s coming back this morning, then they got to a good place," Hannah laughed nervously. "I’m stating the obvious there." In perfect, awkward timing, Victoria walked in. "Do you feel like you got the… clarity that you feel like you needed?" Madison stuttered. "Yeah," Victoria replied. "I feel like it was… productive." Hmm. An interesting choice of words.

As hard as it was for the girls to live harmoniously while intimately pursuing the same guy, it was equally awkward for Peter. He was in love with three women, after all. "I have no idea how I’m gonna do this, I really don’t," he said. No one does, actually. Because the season’s ending is spoiler-free, but full of many more awkward moment. You can count on that.

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