Phillip Schofield was washing up when brother made shock sex confession, court hears

Phillip Schofield was washing up when his brother told him he had engaged in sexual activity with a teenager, Exeter Crown Court heard.

The This Morning presenter told the court that he had just had dinner at his home in London with Timothy Schofield when the 54-year-old told him about the sexual encounter, the jury heard.

A statement read out on behalf of Phillip Schofield said: "I was washing up with Tim standing behind me and he said 'you're gonna hate me for what I'm about to say'." Phillip replied there was nothing he could say to make him hate his brother.

Timothy Schofield then told him he how had watched porn and masturbated with a teenager, the court heard.

Phillip Schofield replied: "I said 'f**k, stop'. I shouted that Tim had to stop. I just don't want to know any of the details. It sounded like it was just one time.”

He added: “I said I don't want you to tell me any more, regardless of how it happened. It must never happen again."

The TV presenter provided a statement to police after the arrest of his brother on multiple charges of child abuse and sexual behaviour in front of a child.

His statement was read to the jury by prosecutor Mr Robin Shellard on the third day of the trial at Exeter Crown Court.

Timothy Schofield went to his famous sibling's house in September 2021. Phillip Schofield described his brother's mood as "furiously angry" and "ranting and raving". They talked for a couple of hours, chatted about what they were watching on TV and then had dinner together.

It was immediately after dinner that Timothy Schofield told his brother about his sexual encounter.

Phillip Schofield said the talk between the two men ended with him asking "what the hell" he meant by saying he had spent "time" with the teenager and he would never speak about it with him again.

The TV presenter added: "I don't have a relationship with Tim like a brother. There are seven years between us and I moved away when he was 10."

Timothy Schofield denies all 11 charges against him.

The allegations against Timothy Schofield, who grew up in Newquay, span a three-year period with one of the charges involving a sex act while the others include forcing a child to watch pornography.

The allegations came to light when the teenager confided in a counsellor. Three weeks later, the defendant was arrested.

The trial continues.

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