Phillip Schofield’s marriage to ‘incredible’ Stephanie after bravely coming out

It’s been two years since Phillip Schofield, 59, came out as gay to the surprise of millions of his fans.

While he was praised for his bravery following his announcement, many had questions about his 25-year marriage.

Schofield’s relationship with Stephanie Lowe – the mother of his two adult daughters – become the focal point of conversation in 2020, with many assuming it would end with his statement.

He has given a few updates on his love life in the two years since that may surprise his followers.

When he first came out to his This Morning co-host and friend Holly Willoughby, he thanked his wife for her support through that time but admitted he knew “the hurt that I am causing to my family”.

Here is everything you need to know about Scofield’s marriage and love life in 2022.

Is Phillip Schofield still married?

Yes, the two have been seen sporting their wedding bands multiple times over the last two years.

Earlier this year, Phil was joined by Stephanie and their daughter Molly on Lorraine and opened up about his marriage and family life.

"We've never had any secrets. It is tough but it's not something that has happened quickly, I have had to deal with his in my head for quite some time," he said.

"We've gone through this together, we have been honest and have been open and Stephanie as I said, you know. She's amazing, she's incredible.

"There's no one in my life who would have supported me, as a wife, the way she's supported me, she's astonishing, literally astonishing.

“It's a good question, you know, this has bothered me for a very long time."

What has Phillip Schofield’s wife said about him coming out?

Schofield and Lowe have been married for 27 years, tying the knot in 1993.

They have two daughters, Molly, 27 and Ruby, 24.

Stephanie largely keeps away from the public eye, but she did speak to The Sun following Schofield coming out.

She said: "I love Phillip, as much today as I ever have, and always will.

"At the same time, we've been awestruck by the strength and love of our precious girls, even as they've been trying to make sense of it all for themselves."

When did Phillip Schofield come out as gay?

Schofield first came out on the This Morning programme in February 2020.

Speaking to his best friend and co-presenter Holly, he bravely confirmed his sexuality to millions of viewers at home.

He said: "It's funny because everyone I've spoken to, and you, have all been so supportive and so loving and caring, and my entire family to a person have grabbed us and said, 'it's OK it's OK, we love you, we're proud of you.'"

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He added what a relief it was to finally come out, saying: "Every person I tell it gets a little lighter and a little lighter, at the same time I have made this decision which is essential for me and essential for my head and that is principally the reason I have done this.

“They have been supportive while we get to this moment because we all know it was coming.”

What has Phillip Schofield said about his love life?

When asked y Lorraine Kelly how his family’s life has changed since coming out, Phil said: "We've obviously, clearly, had changes in our lives, but I've said [before] it's always us four, but slightly different.

“I was with Steph and Ruby during the big storm on Friday […] but we were all together for that. That's essential.

"And Steph has been the most incredible foundation of support and rock throughout my whole career and my girls, I couldn’t be more proud of. We are a family and it works."

When he first came out on This Morning, he told viewers that finding a relationship with a man was not important to him.

He explained: "I'm not thinking there, I'm doing each day at a time now. This has always been a slow process and there's no fast process after this."

Since then, he has remained quiet on his relationship, though a few months after coming out he shared a snap to Instagram that caused a lot of speculation with fans.

In the picture, he was seen going on a walk with a family friend, but his followers speculated he could be more than that.

However, he quickly shot down fans’ hopes it was a boyfriend as he replied to one saying he is simply “a family friend” that he has known for “20 years”.

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