Photos show what kids around the world keep in their pockets

Remember the things you held dear as a child?

Whether it was an attachment to a seashell, a rock, or a teddy, there are many things we couldn’t bear to part with.

And what better storing spot than our pockets to stuff them in?

A new photo series has documented what items kids around the world keep in their pockets from rocks to marbles to even credit cards and car keys (we hope no one’s missing those).

Credit lenders SavingSpot collaborated with parents from around the world by asking them to take a photograph of the objects they found inside their kid’s pockets at the end of the day

From Argentina to Ukraine, the finds were as cute and baffling as you might expect.

Nadya, five, from Ukraine is one of the kids involved in the photo series.

Her dad says that Nadya decides what goes in her pockets, just as long as it’s not slime, which is Nadya’s favourite thing but forbidden by her parents.

The contents of her pockets can often change throughout the day, especially after walks.

William, six, from the US, loves sweets. Skittles, gummy bears, and all types of candy are his favourite meal of the day. In case he gets peckish throughout the day, William keeps reserves in his pocket.

His other obsessions are Harry Potter and Lego, so a Lego figure of Harry Potter is a must-have.

William’s parents are no longer surprised when they find Skittles with all the colour licked off.

Four-year-old Brigid also loves candy, almost as much as she loves her husky-pitbull mix Juno, who she would like to fit in her pocket if she could.

Today she played pirates, so her pockets were full of the bounty she collected during her adventures.

Her dad found baking soda in Brigid‘s pocket once, so he was relieved to find only solid items this time.

Wyatt, four, from the UK keeps a miniature dinosaur in his pockets, along with a trusty stick and a lot of other tiny items.

These items join the vast collection of objects his dad has found in Wyatt‘s pockets, including his own missing house keys.

Bilal, five, from India, loves cars so it makes sense he keeps tiny cars on his persons.

He wishes he could get a real working car and is perhaps saving for it, judging by the coins in his pocket.

He also has his dad’s credit card in case that plan doesn’t work out.

Dante, four, from Argentina likes to change it up on a daily basis.

He loves collecting treasures, both things he finds and things that are gifted to him.

Each day is dedicated to this quest. He is very sociable and likes to keep presents from his friends close. If he could fit anything in his pocket, it would be a magic Santa Claus reindeer.

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