Piers Morgan pokes fun at BBC Breakfasts Dan Walker in latest swipe: He loves losers

Dr Hilary jokes about Piers Morgan being nominated for NTA

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It’s a feud that’s been going on for years, but when Piers Morgan, 56, sees an opportunity to take a swipe at his former BBC Breakfast nemesis Dan Walker, 44, he seizes it with both hands. It comes after a disgruntled fan hit out at the ex Good Morning Britain star about urging people to vote for him at the National Television Awards.

Dan Walker got silver, which he’ll be thrilled about because he loves losers

Piers Morgan

Piers has been nominated for TV Presenter of the Year, an award that has been Ant and Dec’s for 19 years on the trot, and no one can say they don’t deserve it.

The presenting duo have been on our screens for decades bringing us laughs a minute, but Piers has set his sights on dethroning the pair at the next awards ceremony in January 2022.

Taking to Twitter, he penned: “For 19 consecutive years, @antanddec have won TV Presenter of the Year at @OfficialNTAs.

“It’s been as annoying as it’s been b****y boring.

“Now, you can finally end the tediously predictable carve-up & choose a more deserving winner: Me.”

He also attached the voting link to his tweet, but one user wondered why anyone would want to vote for the outspoken presenter.

They retorted: “Why vote for someone who walked off the set then got the sack the same day?

“Why should you win an award for failure Piers? Isn’t that what you said about people winning silver and bronze medals at #Tokyo2020?”

Piers isn’t a stranger to criticism and had a sassy reply up his sleeve ready and waiting.

“GMB had its highest ever viewing figures that day and finally became the No1-rated breakfast show on TV,” he snapped back.

“That’s a Gold medal achievement.”

But he couldn’t help but slide in a cheeky swipe at Dan in the process.

“(Dan Walker got silver, which he’ll be thrilled about because he loves losers),” he added, alongside the link to vote for him.

Fans rushed to the comment section to share their views, with some revealing they’d already given Piers their vote.

“My vote will be for Piers. He’s the best by miles,” one praised.

A second agreed: “I’ve already voted for Piers. Top TV presenter in my view.”

“Without Piers on GMB it is boring, so how can Piers be a failure regardless if he walked off. We all want Piers back on the breakfast show, so on our Piers Morgan is GOLD,” a third cheered.

A fourth noted: “Why don’t people remember all the serious, good stuff Piers did by holding the Government accountable during Covid instead of the fact he lost his temper and walked off set to calm down!”

Others however, didn’t share the same views.

“By virtually every measure GMB is and always has been a long way behind the BBC. That’s with AND without YOU,” a third shrugged.

Another added: “Nice try, Piers. Shame you celebrated being in a silver medal position (in a 2 horse race) so often though.”

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